trying to get a basic test skeleton up and running for a mod-perl authn/authz module, and i'm at the "burn everything with fire, it's the only way to be sure" part of the process.

hello fediverse!

i'd like to make a #boston fediverse meetup happen for local fedifolks.

please boost for visibility, and reply or dm to let me know if you'd be interested in attending such a thing :blobbounce:

hey, my :heart_orange:​ android masto client, @Tusky , just merged the PR that will rickroll people on fash instances. I'm going to show my support by donating to them on , and if you want to support them & have the means, maybe you could too!

So retaliated against employees for organizing and is doubling down on it.

set@npmjs@twitter.comt.js not found: JavaScript package biz NPM scraps talks, fights union-busting claims

"Do your part" energy conservation plans, like turning lights off when you leave the room, are great for your energy bill, but their job as part of "lowering carbon footprints" is to deflect from the big corporations that actually use the vast majority of the power.

For example, the average US stand-alone home uses ~11,000 kWh per year.

The VERY MOST EFFICIENT roadside LED billboard uses ~61,000 kWh per year. That number rises to ~323,000 kWh at the top end.

it feels like trying to push two same pole magnets together, and if you're not dead on and constantly making adjustments, you just get shot the hell off to the side and have to start again from the beginning.

man, the effort required to get my brain to focus on and/or do a thing sometimes is frustrating. i need to finish an online training course for human subjects research, and I can get through about 5-6 paragraphs of text before my focus just...skips off the edge of the studying and demands i check email/slack/etc for the 4000th time in the past hour.

Anyone have any recommendations for low-end coax crimping kits? Or horror stories? We've got coax run to a bunch of rooms but not terminated. I just need to do one room now, but knowing I'll need to do the others helps me justify not just using twist-ons.

I liked a video Einfach mal die Fresse halten

Roman History. Stabbing. 

finished off something i was in the middle of before the holiday break, then discovered i needed a break from coding. screwed around with my nas a bit, but that was it.

i felt vaguely like i should have been working on some kind of hobby project, but it was actually nice to step back from the keyboard for a bit.

I am grateful that my job means I'm reading "Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good!" in the morning, and the ReactJS tutorial in the afternoon.

i keep telling myself i need to carve out some time every morning at work to do some professional development (read a technical paper, work on learning new languages/frameworks), but every morning i feel like i have too much to get done and don't have time for that today.

maybe one of those "i did/didnt' do the thing" daily trackers, so i can look and see i haven't done it all week, so it's okay to carve out some time.

This is worth a periodic re-share:

"Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster"

Because sometimes the old ways are good ways. 🧓

Hey so heads up! Tomorrow at 3 PM EST (noon PST), me and @zandra are going to be streaming Moss, which is a VR game about a CUTE MOUSE THAT GOES ON ADVENTURES. I am very hype about this game. You can watch at

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