had a cool convo with my cishet housemate when i was cutting his hair a couple weeks back. we’ve been best friends for going on eight years now, and dated for the first six of those, and our relationship is deeply familial, so we have a lot of very intimate conversations about identity and family and trauma, etc. i feel comfortable talking with him about things i don’t talk about with others, so when he asked me why i was medically transitioning i knew it was in good faith. (c)

he has known me through many different stages of gender presentation- high femme, femme androgyny, masculine womanhood, masculine androgyny, and many different aesthetic styles- normie, norcal college student, punk, altcore, etc. he has been my best friend and closest confidante regardless of my appearance and presentation, and talking with him about my identity is always a great experience because his only investment is my happiness. (c)

he’s often my sounding board, and helps me put things in order and into words that otherwise are usually more vague feelings and instincts. and this conversation helped me unravel some of what’s been percolating in my brain for some time regarding my queerness and presentation. i don’t know if this will resonate with other folks on here, but i’m going to try to explain how i feel about my gender and presentation in case it does.


@bee this may not be the main point of your thread but i’m glad you have someone to do this with in your life and i wish that were more widespread

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