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"but may we rise without vainglory
and may we rise all without spleen
and may we rise not sick with worry
as burden flies from the orchard green"

@r4v5 @enlightenedferalboy when Bill Foster wrote "I;m thinking about thos beans" he was demanding a payoff to keep his mouth shut

@r4v5 oh my god… "spills the beans" it was right in front of me the whole time!

vengabus lyrics but instead of "vengabus" it's "succubus"

of my last toot gets read into the transcript of a legal proceeding i will also demand they say the phrase “pee pee poo poo”

How did we end up at a state where tech nerds who write down command and function references for their use-cases call them "Cheatsheets" and not "Grimoires"?

tattooing the john galt speech on my dick and balls

nice cube you got there
be a real shame if someone... gleamed it

the rms gcc shit is darkly funny to me because it’s revealing just how much danger any non-whitedude person in open source faces, with tons of hanses from stuttgart waiting in the wings to blame victims of any abusers with clout, and

... dude doesn’t even contribute to the gcc project? like he’s a complete outsider at this point and actual committers have walked away and these people are still “he is more important!”

but also, the joy of connection, of purpose, of working toward a shared liberation — it too can sustain

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WB Frog 

i was never a big fan of the WB frog's smug attitude, and i'm just gonna go ahead and say i'm glad the alt right effectively ended its career

the dream of a better future can help you endure a miserable today

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you must find joy in the work,
because the work defends the future of joy

uspol, graphic footage of police brutality 

this seems like the kind of thing you would do if you were legitimately chastened by your police chief and police union president resigning for failing to uphold the highest standards of public service


Chaotic scene tonight outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department where it seems the police and military greatly out number protesters. They are shooting from tanks.


as cathartic as it may be to smash it all, it’s just as rewarding of work to try to build the structures of what will replace it all

blasting a hornets nest with a super soaker and then gazing in horror as the hornets start pumping their own tiny water guns

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