archive team needs help archiving tumblrs before the nsfw purge:
if you have one or a few ip addresses available, consider helping out

relatedly: digitalocean just announced a hosted kubernetes solution

i maybe have five k8s workers running 10 copies of the archiveteam warrior container

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Possible bigotry; tech culture question Show more

me: “Philip K Dick was an amazing writer who captured the unnerving disintegration of our perception of reality in the face of technological possibility”
also me: “teeheehee his name is like the body part”

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truth emerging from her well to shame mankind

taz amnesty spoilers for ep 19 Show more

he wants a shoehorn the kind with teeth

someone's leafblowering in the december darkness and i don't know of a more creepy omen?

listening to ryoji ikeda and remembering the younger me that first heard + / - and how it blew my mind in addition to physically hurting to listen to

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It's short notice, but Recurse Center is giving out $10,000 fellowships for women to participate in the next batch. This is a huge and great opportunity! RC has been extremely significant in my development as a programmer and it's a wonderful community. I'm happy to answer any questions if you have them!

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🎵oh, here she comes 🎵
🎵she’s a plant eater 🎵

anyone wanna buy a government seized horse? it features Heart and Lungs Auscultated Normally, and has Adequate Gastrointestinal Sounds in all Quadrants

it’s so rare to find a horse with all quadrants making adequate gastrointestinal sounds these days

i still don’t know what rimworld is but based on the name it sounds like a disgusting place

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masto/m.s meta, hot take Show more

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@r4v5 no thank you but you can have some of my gummies if you want

i came here to help build systems of solidarity and mutual aid and chew bubble gum, and i'm all out of bubble gum

wait, i found more bubble gum, would you like a piece

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