Please share, I'm looking for help on upcoming projects for The Recompiler -- paid positions for editing, print and ebook design, and research support

uspol, queerness, twitter 

cursed lewd portmanteau 

*very mr. whipple voice* don’t gender the charmed bryn

By insisting on "the kind of lovin' that can be so smooth" and "make it real", Santana restricts his domain to piecewise-differentiable real-valued functions. In the present work, we generalize Santana's non-forgetful functors to the complex plane, with the help of the muñequita conjectur

Hey bi does not mean trans or enby exclusive. I'll stop saying it as soon as I stop seeing it suggested :heart_bi: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: :trans_heart:

hello from sydney where it is currently 105F/41C and i am considering riding the public transit in a loop to get access to air conditioning

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