if the saturn v was so good why wasn’t there a saturn vi

alternate universe where “the hipster song with the whistling” is battles’ race:in instead of young folks or home or tighten up or pumped up kicks or god there were a lot of these in the late 2000s, what does that say about culture

who called it “being born” instead of “escape womb”

every time i hear a promo for a podcast i’m further convinced it’s impossible to make a good promo for a podcast

this is, oddly, independent of the quality of the podcast in question

my throat hurts so if anyone needs me i'll be whining like a tiny baby on the tl

i, and i cannot stress this enough, ron butterfly

mh, ~ 

selfie, eye contact 

seeking resources for young seattle transfolks. 

anything with feet 🤝 A person
being able to step forward

hey, is rabb.it still a thing post-acquisition? what else is out there in terms of simultaneously watching a video stream with others over the internet? self-hosted is fine too.

mistakes were made

what do i do with crime.wang please advise

oh no they’ve learned nothing from last year

if you give subs a whole month their heads expand

it is absurd that they might be giants have been putting out music for as long as they have

their first album is older than me

what the hell

let me eat the squeaky cheese, if you desire it not


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