this valentine’s day, buy me bonestorm or go to hell

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reminder to follow if you sometimes forget to add alt text to images

cool, 3am page because a server has 20gb free of its 120gb disk

christ we need to tune these alerts

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1950s kittens and yarn hat by Bes-Ben ("The Mad Hatter of Chicago.")

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you know, i’ve been playing destiny 2 for a while now and i’ve never seen a Vandal rock a mic? i’m beginning to thing i was lied to by rap music

a normal person would have just thrown out the AP that was misbehaving and replaced it with another router-AP that would soon misbehave too

ahhhhh, two hours later and I have the Unifi controller software sitting in a VM and happily monitoring my AP. Turns out the firmware was failing to update because it was so old it couldn’t validate the ubiquiti firmware download link it was getting. But the wifi has been rock solid thus far.

computers, man.

i’m considering replacing my old time capsule as router with a unifi security gateway too, if i can scoop one up cheap enough. just can’t get enough janitorial technology.

fuckity shitballs it’s cold and rainy outside

we have escaped the Arctic Blast and are now being blasted by cold water instead

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all-nonbinary Shakespeare company putting on Mx. Beth

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Where are we going? And what’s with this hand basket?

at least current technology is mostly invulnerable to “a passing weak magnet just wiped all your data”, and, with few exceptions, from “a speck of dust just rendered this file unreadable”

oh god i just thought about how many people on the fediverse are too young to recognize floppy disks and now i’m realizing i’m Old

this is just to say
i have yeeten the plums
that were in the icebox

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