Wer schon immer mal ein "Kreativ-und Kulturquartier" im Beteiligungsverfahren mitentwickeln wollte, hat jetzt in der in Berlin Gelegenheit dazu: berlin.de/alte-muenze/veransta
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Für die Workshops zur Entwicklung von Nutzungsszenarien sind 20 Teilnehmende gesetzt, für 20 (vergütete) Plätze kann sich beworben werden. 1 Woche Zeit dafür: berlin.de/alte-muenze

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🤗 -> switching.social/ Liste von "ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to your not so good, old social media."

via 5IT/@alexismadrigal@twitter.com : "Before Google; before Reddit and YouTube; before Blogger, LiveJournal and Myspace; before Hamster Dance, GeoCities, Netscape and 50-day Free Trial AOL CD-ROMs; before even the advent of the World Wide Web, there was *Telidon*." cbc.ca/arts/this-canadian-dial

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Our article at firstmonday is launched, spanning , , , , protocological parameters +exchange. We've used pioneer artist @csollfrank@twitter.com's net art generator, examining various forms of control. Fab collaboration w/ @snoddy@twitter.com. firstmonday.org/ojs/index.php/

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MacGyver statt Cyber! Wir haben gerade den Schalter umgelegt und unser neues Rundenthema veröffentlicht: Ab sofort und noch bis zum 31. März könnt ihr uns eure Open Source-Software-Ideen zum Thema *"Commit-System erneuern"* schicken: prototypefund.de #prototypeworks

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Our Study Circle Library at @HKW_Berlin@twitter.com is all set up: Designed by Ebba Fransén Waldhör, the library invites the public to delve into the texts and theories which served as references for the working process of our two Study Circles: 2019.transmediale.de/content/s

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In 1967, an operations manager at Bell Labs in Oakland brought his camera into work and captured a day in the life of the company. The workplace is noticeably filled with women, typical of an era when coding was viewed as women’s work. buff.ly/2WsEmH2

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A @risj_oxford@twitter.com fellow asked today: "What are the best books to read to understand politics?"

My first responses - thoughts?

Weber, "Politics as a Vocation"
Warren, "All the King's Men"
Caro, "Master of the Senate"
Cramer, "What it Takes"
Solnit, "Storming the Gates of Paradise"

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I like writing pretty notes ✨ even about networking protocols

Open call: 1 second movies | One-Off Moving Image Festival 2019 (noemata.net/one-off/) cc @F_Kaltheuner@twitter.com ;-) "looking for 1 SECOND MOVING IMAGES on the theme of humans vs. nature." Also, TIL; there is a 60Seconds Festival (60sec.org/index.html), can we also have that in BER?

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134,239 free Epubs & PDFs of critical theory, history, literature, etc: library.memoryoftheworld.org/ via @mar@marcell@twitter.com

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@hautepop@twitter.com has a great list of newsletters. Newsletters are the new blogs (but not those 'This is what I did' blogs/newsletters). I also crave really interesting Desi newsletters (out of anywhere in S.Asia): anyone with recommendations pls lmk. twitter.com/hautepop/status/10

Dimension Guide: Browse provides an easy visual way to parse through our growing libraries of everyday objects and spatial properties of the things in our world: dimensions.guide/browse

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