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The Planetary Sensorium -- the next round of Digital Earth fellowships, call for applications: digitalearth.art/fellowship

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The high cost of German romanticism and an anti-tech elite that leaves fibre-optics to 'the market'. ARD documentary about the German anti-modernist preference for motors over digital infrastructure, a deep insight in Europe's reluctance towards computers. ardmediathek.de/ard/video/digi

Weil die 2020-Solidarity-Poster (betweenbridges.net/) teils nur noch bis heute zu bekommen sind, hier noch mal ein Hinweis. Auch, weil man so die Gelegenheit bekommt, über die Lebenswege der Künstler*innen zu recherchieren, hier zB. Carrie Mae Weems (carriemaeweems.net/index.html)

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So much interesting stuff going on at the intersect of open source software culture, professionalization & activism. A thread (and a PhD).

Starting with this week's @Microsoft admission that they were o/t wrong side of history i/t open software wars: theverge.com/2020/5/18/2126210


Noch bis zum 24. Mai kann man das @dokfest zu sich nach Hause holen. Unter anderem gibts "Schlingensief- In das Schweigen hineinschreien" zu sehen (gegen Eintrittskarte): dokfest-muenchen.de/Filmprogra 👌

Lost in a garden of clouds: Exhibition Experience of „Art meets Radical Openness“ -> cloud.radical-openness.org/los ☁️

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Ok, the Old Time Computer Show is as great as it sounds: twitch.tv/oldtimeycomputershow Just old computer-y shows, curated well. (via Recomendo)

This is really smart: "Pandemic Objects" - Series at V&A vam.ac.uk/blog/pandemic-object (via @beatricemartini s Newsletter, thx)

The really interesting things happen in the confinement of your home&head:"thislongcentury.com is an evolving collection of personal insights from artists the world over. Bringing together sketchbooks, personal memorabilia, annotated typescripts, playlists..."(via @imperica )

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great piece by @ntnsndr@twitter.com on the "implicit feudalism" of open source projects and the need for more transparency and critical thinking around governance structure

i'm especially intrigued by the new "CommunityRule" tool, designed to help with those needs!


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I love this: Small File Media Festival: all submissions <5MB; "We’re going to make HD, 4K, and 5G look unnecessary,
unsexy..., [e]xplore experimental processes through low-energy technologies + deconstruct the fetishization
of the pristine image" smallfile.ca/

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We've collated our online projects by @Jakob_steensen@twitter.com @jennasutela@twitter.com @HitoSteyerl@twitter.com @eyecheng@twitter.com and Suzanne Treister all in one place digital.serpentinegalleries.or @SerpentineUK@twitter.com

A lot of art is being produced in this house lately, and this particular artwork is adressing : nex.sx/art/ble-atlas/ (also, the works name is actually „ble-eding data“, since i executively decided so)

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And here it is:

An incomplete, evolving collection of the new possible.

Submit new possibilities here

@thenewpossible@twitter.com is a personal side project to practice hope, maintained by @Elibietti@twitter.com & me

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"Das Projekt befasst sich mit dem Personal Computer als Home-Computer und dessen Genese in der Zeit zwischen den 1960er und 1990er Jahren. Im Fokus steht dabei die Untersuchung der Verhäuslichung des Computers und die Computerisierung des Zuhauses […]." twitter.com/t_matzner/status/1

„Mit Vorsicht zu genießen“: Im Prenzlauer Berg kann man sich So/Mo ganz exklusiv seinen eigenen Kunstrundgang zusammenspazieren: artsoftheworkingclass.org/even

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