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My Boundaries on masto 1/? 

1. I'm 100% happy with someone calling me pretty, but please don't ever call me sexy or anything sexual in nature
2. I love having discussions and learning but I'm not here to argue with anyone. If we disagree on something, feel free to share why you think what you do, just not argumentatively. I have a lot to learn and I want to do so, especially if I have a bad/uninformed take so please share information with me in good faith that I'm not being purposefully bad

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long+sappy+sincere post 

waaa i want to say thanks to people who like any of the selfies or even the dumb shit i post.
i've never felt a need to be popular or socially important, but i've always felt alienated and sub-par in whatever social context i find myself.
it's great to feel acceptance/welcomed somewhere finally. i know i barely speak directly to most of you, but i really love this site and the people here.
i've seen myself in a much nicer light through the support of people like y'all.

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I'm addict to shitposts
And insects
And deep sea creatures
And anarchy
Also fuck capitalism
That's about it

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One of my best friends who lives in California is currently homeless due to living on disability right now. She's in the LA area, is queer, and has a small dog ESA.

if anyone can help me help her, thank you.

All money will be going to her to help her get a place to stay.

Or if you know people that she could possibly stay with, please let me know.

sometimes i think i have nothing left in my heart and then i see a picture of a really cute animal and im like... ya got me

ahh love to do work, love to produce value with my labor *my boss steals the value of my labor* ah shit. ah fuck

52% of the posts on the timeline are completely incoherent

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Yes, Wotan is still lying on the baseball prospectus. It is his and he loves it

personally i would believe my eyes if 10,000,000 fireflies. wouldnt question shit. not even for a second

“they said its the land of the free. it seems like the land of bullshit to me.” go tf off

hey how doe i download this game everyonees talking about called “steam”? i cant find it on the playstation store

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Ben Shapiro drinks Kool-Aid powder straight from the package

I was gonna complain about working too much, but when i got here, my coworker gave me a picture she drew of me as a seahorse. How can I be mad about anything when this drawing is so cute??

there is nothing bad or shameful or embarrassing about being autistic

what day is it today?

it's not just *any* Friday,


my daughter, my little Frida Fighter, turns 9 years old today!

boost to have me give her more scritches today!

"Smart Water" is a lie if it were "smart" it wouldn't have gotten caught and bottled

asking for help with bills, medicine, groceries -- boosts needed! 

hello! i'm broke

in five days i'll need $126 for my phone bill

and later this month i'll need $284 for my schizophrenia meds

and in general i am running dangerously low on money to like buy groceries with

me and DD are gonna be looking at state jobs for me soon so hopefully i won't have to do this much longer

my paypal is

thank you so much for keeping me alive fediverse


There was an imaginary black bird sitting on a branch. It grabbed a morsel of rice and flew away.

This is my crow fiction.

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