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My Boundaries on masto 1/? 

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long+sappy+sincere post 

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I'm addict to shitposts
And insects
And deep sea creatures
And anarchy
Also fuck capitalism
That's about it

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@quietbecoming 5a. While you're hanging out, try to see if front desk people or breakfast people ask for your room number. I've had that happen to me (when I was a guest at hotels) about half the time.

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I love my hair, my nose, my melanin, my accent

Fuck white supremacy
Fuck colorism
Fuck anti-blackness

has anyone ever actually hung on while their computer reports the problem to microsoft

itโ€™s called the streaming wars because theyโ€™re all really just taking a piss

@quietbecoming just in general act like you own the place (never be rude, but damnit you 'paid' for it) and nobody ever expects an elaborate rouse. this works for being in any commercial space you ought not be in. and other spaces with the right disguise (a legit hard hat = key to the city)..

@quietbecoming And if discovered by some Moral Crusader type, just say you know they throw out a lot of uneaten food and are helping them save dumpster space.

And on that note for people w/o access to hotels: a lot of grocery stores and restaurants will just give you food that's perfectly edible, but can't be sold because it's "expired" (it's probably still good) or "yesterday's prepared food." Also look into shops that sell old bread. (discount grocers) You can freeze it if you have a freezer.

Camel Camel Camel Camel Camel Camel Camel Camel Vermillion.

For reference, I work at a homewood and we always serve eggs, bacon/sausage, pastries, muffins, bread, peanut butter and jelly, waffles and fresh fruit.
Dinner varies, but will always include a salad and usually soup and fruit salad, aside from a main dish like pasta, sliders, nachos. Dinner also has free beer and wine ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ
The most they'll do is tell you to leave if they figure it out, but even then they usually won't.
Ok I'm done!
Do crimes! Eat food!

(10 cont.) multiple times, only going home for the weekend or a few days at a time.
11. Just remember most hotels are understaffed and underpaid so they're not looking to make more work for themselves.
12. If you're not going alone, have one person walk through the front, ask the front desk when breakfast starts, say you better wake up your partner and let them in through a side door.

7. Hang out in the hall by the rooms for 5-10 mins before going to get your food.
8. Take as much as you want. People eat a lot when it's free. No one will notice. In fact, ask for a to go plate for your sleeping spouse. They'll probably wrap it up for you.
9. If you want to go back another day (esp the next!), try to take a side exit so no one notices you leaving immediately with a plate of food.
10. I'd recommend 5 days max at the same place. But business people often stay at the same hotel

5. Front desk people see tons of strangers and usually cannot recognize you. Don't interact too much but don't be concerned about saying hi. We're trained to do that to everyone. I've said hi to the same man 3 times in 5 minutes without realizing.
6. If you don't want to ask how to get to the rooms, see if there's a little shop to look around until you can figure it out. Also check to see if there's a map on the website before if possible.

2. If you drive there, don't park at the front of the hotel so you can't be seen getting out of your car. If you have to walk up, try to approach from the side of the building.
3. If you see someone outside a side/back exit, tell them you forgot your key in your room and see if they'll let you in. If that's uncomfortable, walk around the building to the front and walk in the direction of the rooms.
4. If you can't tell how to get to the rooms, say something casual like, "which way again?"

So I work at a hotel that serves free breakfast and dinners (for guests*), though the dinners are only mon-thu.
If you're ever looking for a free meal, I'd recommend checking out if there are hotels near you that do the same. I'm going to reply with a few tips to keep in mind in case you're nervous/unsure how to pass as a guest.
1. Dressing how you would if you just woke up is fine. 100% normal. Some people get ready before breakfast, but tons don't.

every podcast read ever is like โ€œand im NOT just saying thisโ€ lol yes, yes you are, youโ€™re getting paid and the only reason youโ€™re talking about this product is cus you were sent one for free

there's always baNANAS in the MONEY STAND, MICHAEL

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