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I'm addict to shitposts
And insects
And deep sea creatures
And anarchy
Also fuck capitalism
That's about it

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it's really fun when people give you advice as if you're in the same financial place they are.
people who don't understand why I don't simply go see my doctor when I'm sick must think I just don't like the doctor? but in reality, I don't have a doctor.
or when my car breaks down and people say it's just a part of life, not realizing that for others/me there's no extra money to go ahead and get it taken care of.
obviously if it were that easy it wouldn't be so stressful.

medical marijuana should be called Dr. Mary Jane

why am I awake
hey, this could be a haiku
but I don't give a shit

why did it stop working?

@quietbecoming this is such a fun app but idk what to make to use it to its fullest potential

lmfao youtube legit blocked this video in the USA it won't let me watch it. But wouldn't it be so awful to live in a socialist country where they CENSOR what media you can access???

i could use some money for food to make it to the end of the month. any amount helps.
constantly forgetting this exists but I just answered some questions there
feel free to ask more ~

Miserable bastards. Like 5 minutes of break is going to make any difference to anyone.

We should stop running everything like a business

I still love the name of this restaurant I walked past a few years ago.

curly hair culture is not knowing if your haircut is good or bad despite verifying it as one or the other 15 times a day

Sliding into her dms like "hey I need to ask you a few questions: are you a trotskyist?"

Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses yearning to be free, who are so because of a century of meddling in geopolitics to our advantage, so we can put them in cages under armed guard with minimal provisions, no soap, no medicine, and then argue about the definition of "concentration camps"

men are oppressed because we have to spend money to maintain our trucks

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