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My Boundaries on masto 1/? 

1. I'm 100% happy with someone calling me pretty, but please don't ever call me sexy or anything sexual in nature
2. I love having discussions and learning but I'm not here to argue with anyone. If we disagree on something, feel free to share why you think what you do, just not argumentatively. I have a lot to learn and I want to do so, especially if I have a bad/uninformed take so please share information with me in good faith that I'm not being purposefully bad

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long+sappy+sincere post 

waaa i want to say thanks to people who like any of the selfies or even the dumb shit i post.
i've never felt a need to be popular or socially important, but i've always felt alienated and sub-par in whatever social context i find myself.
it's great to feel acceptance/welcomed somewhere finally. i know i barely speak directly to most of you, but i really love this site and the people here.
i've seen myself in a much nicer light through the support of people like y'all.

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I'm addict to shitposts
And insects
And deep sea creatures
And anarchy
Also fuck capitalism
That's about it

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do you think aliens have social media with like memes and stuff? like "large transporter the size of a small transporter" or "surprised Gorblatt" or stuff like that?

cerberus but it's just two goats driving a car

ive read the stupid fucking math explanation for the door things enough times to know the answer now

but i cannot state how disapointed i was when i realized it wasnt a post about being happy with getting the goat and not the car

i took this pic a few days ago and didnt like it, but now i do. why brain like this?

the monty hall problem was invented by monty hall to sell more goats

Shitty lewd drawing 

Lmfao I was sitting here for hours before I noticed someone drew this on my manager's desk

selfie, ec 

ayyyy i finally remembered to take some selfies while the lighting was good lmao

companies will be like "pwease take time out of your busy life to tell us, for absolutely zero dollars, how we can exploit you better"

I wasn't going to share my answers here, but(t) this is a butt appreciation post.

eye contact 

triz cute pass it on

sleep saga 

the problem with going to bed is once you are asleep the next thing you have to do is wake up

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Fuck around and find out just how much you mean to me, brother

Yeah I'm a tech bro. I just pressed num lock for a guest at the hotel and it did the thing they wanted (allowed them to type their room number. Just Pls never ask me to do more than this)

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