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pzmyers @pzmyers@octodon.social

My wife has "accidentally" destroyed another cable. I don't know what it is, but give here a length of wire wrapped in insulation & she will shortly return with it frayed, stripped, bent, & wrecked.

I watched Altered Carbon: good stuff at the core, if you don't mind it being served up in a bowl full of body fluids, pubic hair, and misogyny. I did mind.


We've reached that point in winter when Minnesotans say, "Meh, it's snowing again."

We're past the point of caring.

MY WIFE IS NIBBLING AT MY TOFU. May have to wack her with a spatula.

Scientists live in a state of frustration and exasperation. It's a necessary condition.


The "I-love-Jesus atheist" clade is arising -- we'll have to see how it develops.

My prediction: it's an abomination.