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Since we didn't get very many women, enbies, or people of color to submit talks, the folks choosing talks for the Decentralisation & Internet Privacy track at FOSSDEM 19 decided that we'd like to ask of you:

If you submitted a talk, go ask an underrepresented minority friend/acquaintance of yours if they'd like to give the talk with you/in your stead.

CC @fosdem, can we get a little boost ?

I now declare that the practices of spiders constitute a religion. You can't use Andrew Sullivan's ideas to disagree with me.


Baby finally woke up. Only explosion was in her diaper.

Forget it. I had such exciting plans, but this is what Iliana would rather do.

Ive been trusted to be left alone with the granddaughter. If you hear news about fires & explosions & rampaging babies in Boulder, CO in the next hour...thats us.

Nah. Whole Foods is a blight, a peddler of quackery & shit.

Shes calming down now. Real medicines work. Who knows, though, maybe emulsified shark cartilage & an essential oil or two would have helped.

Had to run another block to find a real store that sold useful remedies. Got it, finally, ran back to my daughters apartment & screaming child. Gave her the good stuff.

Aisle after aisle of supplements, probiotics, homeopathic crap. Nothing useful, unless powdered kale has magic powers. I ask a clerk...one little bottle of adult-strength generic acetaminophen. Fuck.

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