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pzmyers @pzmyers@octodon.social

You can't imagine how fed up I am with the "debate" travesty of intellectual engagement. It's all a lie.


Cat is back from the vet. It only took 3 of us to hold her down, and I'm the only one she clawed enough to draw blood.

She survived. Casualties light.

Cat is going to the vet today. Should I warn them to put on chainmail & a fencing mask?

There is probably already a note in her file: "EVIL." They might already be praying and have an exorcist on standby.

@Siphonay I don't know. There's a rabbit that taunts my indoor cat by lounging about munching directly under my office window. Drives the cat nuts -- she frantically claws at the glass.

The rabbit is unperturbed.

@masklayer Plot the trend as a linear function and figure out how late you could leave and arrive at work before you left.

@lilithsaintcrow But what if there are a few people I really, really want to harm? And they deserve it?

This Saturday, at noon central time, I'll be in a conversation about body plans and how they can inform our science-fictiony speculations about aliens.



Is anyone still having any reservations about calling America what it is? The fascist states.


Wouldn't drugging our drinking water be a more efficient way for the police to pacify the populace?


Go to a trade or business school if you want safe ideas. Go to a university if you're unafraid of dangerous ideas that will expand your mind.