@pzmyers "This on the 25th anniversary of the world’s most popular card game is a fucking disgrace."

My first thought: "Poker is only 25 years old?" :blobcheeky:

@Jo Yeah, ol' Wild Bill Hickock was dealing out his aggro-control combo magic deck back in the day, in Deadwood.

@pzmyers or could it be that he/she is clunky and could therefore be succinctly replaced by they? no, never, it must be an SJW conspiracy

@a_breakin_glass @pzmyers
he or she: 3 syllables
they: 1 syllable

or of course wotc is probably just controlled by the sjw elite trying to WARP OUR CHILDREN'S MINDS

@wim_v12e @pzmyers I know, that's why it's even less of a good compromise :^)

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