@pzmyers Billy Graham was a terrible person, but it's hard to say that without remembering that his son Franklin is so much worse that we have to get out the log-log plots to put them on the same axes.

@aris_tgd @pzmyers Every now and then Franklin endorses the college I went to. *slumps lower in seat* 🤢

@pzmyers I don't wanna click on the article.

Are we talking about the religious figure, or the music guy?

@ajroach42 @pzmyers the religious figure.

He's even fairly well known to Brits as I think he did a tour here in 1980s but most folk here (even those who are Christian) didn't take him seriously and from memory he (and any followers he did get, as we do have "Tesco value" versions of protestant "megachurches" merely ended up being a another fruitful source of material for satirical comedy shows of the time..


@pzmyers I'm late to the party and some will probably think of me as a horrible person for doing this, but I cheered when I heard that Billy Graham died. One less Christian theocrat to worry about.

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