A little while back, I wrote a thing mocking people who cried "censorship on Wikipedia!": sunclipse.org/?p=2466 --- while I have my issues with the site, that particular instance was not among them.

Here's another guy crying "censorship", and citing Dinesh D'Souza for moral wisdom: acsh.org/news/2018/02/02/wikip

I left my usual "Excuse me, it's pronounced 'convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza'" comment, but then I realized what a hole their comment section was, deleted my note and backed away.


@bstacey Ugh. ACSH:

"The American Council on Science and Health is a front group for the tobacco, agrichemical, fossil fuel, pharmaceutical and other industries."


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@pzmyers Yeah, they did come across as self-righteous garbage people even before I looked up their background.

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