Andrew Sullivan should take a gender studies class, rather than opining out of his ass. But then, that's true of a lot of bros with ill-informed opinions.

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@pzmyers I need to finish this parody:

(Be a man!)
With all the spots of an aging liver
(Be a man!)
With all the grace of a drunk baboon
(Be a man!)
With all the sense of a roaring fire
Incisive as the sharp side of a spoon!

(Be a man!)
With all the charm of a raging lawyer

@pzmyers "I might also worry that, given the example of his writing, testosterone shots might make you stupider.". Nah; this latest ... thing is no dumber than his writing on the War on Terror from the early 2000s or his writings on race from before that. Stupidity is sort of an intrinsic quality with Sullivan

@pzmyers Sullivan apologized for equating opposition to the war in Iraq with treason a few years ago, and like chumps, we all accepted his apology. He immediately went on being embarrassingly, preventably, insultingly wrong. There's a lesson in that, I think.

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