A bad combination.

1. My wife has one of those ambient noise machines to help her sleep. It plays ocean sounds, softly, all night long.

I don't mind at all. It's kind of nice.


2. We have an evil cat with long needle-sharp claws. She usually sleeps harmlessly at the foot of the bed, but sometimes she decides to knead body parts with claws out.

I don't like that very much.

3. Last night, before bed, I read Mira Grant's Into the Drowning Deep -- a story about mermaids. Slime covered poisonous predatory inhuman mermaids that bit people's faces off with needle sharp teeth.

It's SF horror. Gore and vicious monsters from the deep.

You can guess what this confluence of factors led to: unsettling nighmares about fangy aquatic monsters coming after me, culminating in a cat choosing the perfect moment to step right into the dream with William Castle -style special effects.

@pzmyers You and me both. (I my case, I was on the phone until past midnight and woke up an hour before my 7AM alarm

@pzmyers Maybe some nice forest and rain sounds for a couple of days?

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