confused by 6502 assembly? here are some helpful tips for beginners

CPY: mails you a copy of the program
TAX: fills out your 1040EZ
CLD: decreases CPU temperature
ROR: makes a lion noise
BRK: makes a dog noise
ASL: initiates AOL chat protocol
LSR: activates laser
TXS: enter Texas
TSX: leave Texas
LDY: turns you into a lady
LDA: turns you into a lad (misspelled for historical reasons)
BVS: pronounced "Beavis"

happy programming! 😋


@revenant Those were the days. Those 8-bit processors had all kinds of fancy stuff in them.

You forgot:

EOR: make a donkey noise
DEY: summon Susan Dey
BMI: calculate body mass index
DEQ: declare equality for all

That last one never made it into production, obviously.

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