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pzmyers 🦑 @pzmyers

My electoral dilemma: should I vote for a man, like Al Franken, or a big Bag of Spiders?

I'm leaning spiderish, to be honest. Maybe we need a Spider Party.


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Spider Party slogan: "We may be creepy, but not in that way!"

@pzmyers *Political program is a 25,000-page whitepaper on how to eradicate bugs*

@Reinderdijkhuis@mastodon.sociaITYM "how to increase the numbers of juicy, tasty, delicious bugs"

@pzmyers sounds good! It's not like US darm policy doesn't need an overhaul.

@pzmyers Maybe we need to denounce rape culture that normalized this type of behaviour to women back then?

@pzmyers this is a good opportunity for dem moral leadership...if such a thing exists.