@pzmyers I've been online since 1991 and TBH think this has been going on for *decades*. The only reason these types didn't cause more shit back (even so they successfully destroyed Usenet for instance) is they were the dominant group online and had the power, which as the net spread globally has been taken from them so some extent (including the easy access to higher paid, lower effort jobs with the slack time of the "old" dotcom era..

So I checked out the new alt-right/freezepeach social media app GAB that
@pzmyers mentioned.... First thing that jumps out at me is someone whining about freezepeach icon Charlie Hebdo. Guess it's all fun and games until someone loses a...
A thingy. mastodon.starrevolution.org/me

Good lord "Gab" is a terrible, unfriendly app.

Leave it to the nazis to screw up a simple, social networking platform, eh?

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