@pzmyers "On his LinkedIn profile, Damore lists a “PhD, Systems Biology” from Harvard in 2013. However, a representative from Harvard tells WIRED that Damore did not complete a PhD. He completed a master’s degree in systems biology in 2013."



@bstacey Well, you know, it's hard to finish a degree when you have an aversion to lab work, and an elevated opinion of your importance.


@pzmyers @bstacey

All links collected for future reference: issuepedia.org/James_Damore

I need to summarize the memo and what's wrong with it -- but first I need to take my car in for maintenance...

@pzmyers Damn, I've met Jeff Gore, and I've read at least one of those papers.

Now I'm wondering if the author ordering was alphabetical.

@pzmyers ... OK, probably not, but "first author" means less when it's a two-author paper and the other is the person who runs the lab.


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