@pzmyers I have similar venom for technical standards publishers. Safety standards for complex software-intensive products are written by volunteers, whose employers pay for them to travel and attend committee meetings. (This creates some built-in bias, probably intentionally.) And then the committees turn around and charge $100s to >$1000 for a copy of the resulting document.

ISO26262 (for cars) is especially egregious here, but the practice is pervasive.

@pzmyers The one that really, really gets me is standards for programming language.

It is to everyone's benefit that everyone who writes code, compilers, or tools has access to the one, authoritative document describing the language syntax and semantics. And yet there are paywalls up for several of the languages' standards.

Shoutout to Ada, whose spec has always been free and widely available.

@pzmyers Yeah, no. Our group used to be sponsored by Pearson / InformIT and I used to like their books. No more. This is a level of stupidity that needs to be shunned.

@pzmyers I appreciate a professor who aims for ethical textbook selection.

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