Why is the tall guy in the last picture suddenly wearing shorts? Are shorts more just?

@marc_michalsky @pzmyers and runners instead of nerdy brown dress shoes

actually dressed for a sunny outdoor summer event

@carcinopithecus @pzmyers
Okay, I assume that in a just world nobody would feel obligated to wear long pants instead of shorts on a sunny day.

It's gonna be really funny when one of them gets a fast ball right in the nuts.

@swashberry yes, but now all of them have the same opportunity to receive that treatment, whereas in the first one, only the guy on the left has that possibility. ;)

@swashberry @pzmyers i'd rather take one to the nuts than to the head

so a 5th pic "justice + better infrastructure" where it's a chain link fence as tall as the tall person's crates in the first pic

@pzmyers I personally would replace useless big stadium by a forest with edible things vegetables and some wild animals friends :).

How does that work? What does the fence represent?


I did.

But if you try to unite activists' leaders towards the removal of structural issues they will find way to fight you as an enemy.

Their status, power and visibility come from fighting such issue.

If it was fixed for real, they would loose any role.

@pzmyers am i the only one who reads this persons all male?

@pzmyers I never thought about building a fence there in a first place.

@pzmyers The social justice orientated mind likely fixates on the adult who is photoshopped into the archetypal Capitalist Pig in the far left panel (that's a LOT of boxes), but I would say the truly useful and immediate lesson here is that the Cunning child in the red shirt always gets to see the game, and gets none of the blame.

@pzmyers In the last picture they simply bought the tickets to the game

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