Billionaires are the most evil fucking parasites on the planet. So why does the media fawn over them?

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that sweet advertising money they have, and easy clickbait which increases their ad rates.

@pzmyers think Bill Gates sooner has a "net worth" of 100G$, not million. (presumably highly stock price dependent)

Presumably also have a lot of say(if not pretty much full say) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 50G$

Also money is spend by substracting a number from an entry in one table, and adding that number to another table, modulo some stuff against accidents/for security.

@pzmyers So er, how much *does* one need to invest to get a viable corona research group?

I am all for shitting on billionaires, but it isn't clear from your post what exactly they should be doing.

I would prefer a society where nobody can get so rich that they can personally fund a corona research group.

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