Wow. I've seen shady shit but this really is something else.

@pzmyers Darn Millennial aescetism is killing the auto industry! Spend money frivolously, Damn it!

@pzmyers capitalists: pull yourself up by your bootstraps!

also capitalists: if you're too poor to buy a new car you can't work here, you might defraud us


@pzmyers this is hell. this person has died and gone to hell. that's the only explanation. checkmate, atheists

@pzmyers my soul is vomiting. Such blatent evil...

@pzmyers This is where you hit them with an "I wish to speak to your supervisor for such a grossly inappropriate personal inquiry," or some crap like that.

@pzmyers "To be even more frank, it just looks bad" is a better descriptor for the letter itself

@pzmyers I want to see the car now and it better look so worn that it's just a collection of alloy plates held together by duct tape and good will.

@pzmyers up to recently I was the only one in the company with an S5 smartphone surrounded by S9/S10 users.

I kept getting jabs about using something that old, but it worked fine. Ended up replacing it when it broke too hard.

Though I guess it was a bad idea from a security standpoint.

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