@pzmyers Intelligent Design was the "Never Trump" Republican of creationism: whiny, ineffectual, mostly just upset when their ideological brethren said the quiet parts out loud.

@pzmyers I had a few thoughts about this recently. I wondered if the delusion of Intelligent Design (which decades ago I saw as very plausible), relies somewhat on (if not largely on). a misstatement of evolutionary theory. It's a subtitle thing that I noticed once while I was working at CFI. When I heard the malformed causality, I realized how big a deal it was.

It's of the form, living thing X developed a feature Y so that it could do a beneficial thing better and survive. I just heard it again recently on a mindful science-friendly type podcast from two guests (journalists/artists without a scientific background). It was on the latest episode of Clear & Vivid. It should be of the form, living thing X with its DNA designed to make identical copies of itself had the DNA make a major mistake producing deviation feature Y which turned out to be beneficial allowing it to do an action related to survival better than the other X's without the mistake. The former implies a need-causes-invention relationship for evolutionary features, and inventions are (arguably) intelligently designed.
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