You know who would buy a remote ranch for the purpose of cloistering 20 women he hoped to inseminate? A demented comic book villain, that's who.

@pzmyers I've met a ... perhaps weirdly large number of people whose names have been dropped in these Epstein stories. Dennett, once; Krauss, once; Nowak, maybe three times; Wilczek, at least once... The one I got an intensely creepy feeling from was Larry Summers, whom I met when I crashed a meet-and-greet for Harvard freshmen (I had just started at MIT and so stealing their food was pretty much obligatory). It was his enthusiastic and unqualified praise for Bill Clinton's character that did it. This was 2001, well after Clinton's particular brand of sleaze had transfixed a nation. I just wanted to scrub that conversation off of me.

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