Who else is feeling flaming hot rage at this college admissions scandal? We're gonna need a longer wall to line these people up on.

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@pzmyers Mail order diplomas, only 1.5 million for ivy league scale diplomas.

@pzmyers TBH, my rage is dulled a bit by habituation: I think this rot has been with us since long before I was born, even if it is more exposed now.

And there's so much else to be outraged about at universities alone (she writes, having seen several colleagues build careers around writing opinion papers with no evaluation at all and submitting these to conferences and workshops run by friends who won't challenge it because they do the same, all to build a CV that marches them toward tenure).

@pzmyers Which isn't to say it isn't worth rooting this kind of thing out, of course. It's just that there's so much to fix that I can't bring myself to be particularly upset about this one thing.

@drifa I know the feeling. 30 years ago, I saw a great student turned down in application after application to all kinds of schools, while a mediocre student sailed right into a prestigious med school. It scarred me.

@pzmyers I just took my ball and went home. I want to do something useful with my time, not compete in a pointless rigged competition.

@pzmyers I've always thought that the elite primarily view higher ed as a sort of filtering system to evaluate potential intellectual workers on their willingness and ability to follow arbitrary and/or vague instructions for accomplishing complex and often pointless tasks (skills much needed for coping with corporate America).

"Learning" is sometimes obtained as a side-effect, due to the efforts of academicians such as yourself who are, sadly, not on board with the real program. :D

@woozle That may be what the rich want, but speaking as someone working in education, that's not what they get. We are unimpressed by rote learning and blind obedience. I like to think we're undermining their hope for indoctrinating conformity.

@pzmyers I'm picturing the elite twiddling their moustaches and saying things like "Curses! ...and I would have done it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling with those kids!" ...or something. >.>

@pzmyers Someone on Twitter via Diaspora made another observation about this:

"Bill McGlashan epitomizes the modern fantasy that the rich people who rigged the modern world, who monopolized the American dream for themselves, are the solution to redressing our injustices. [...] and now [McGlashan] has been indicted for rigging the opportunity structure against the disadvantaged."

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