Considering doing the experiment of being lazy, eating junk food, and gossiping to induce menstruation in my male body. Could be worth a publication.

@pzmyers It doesn't work. Although it could just be that me and gossiping don't get together at all however, believe me I know a few men who do all three and still do not have those results.

@AskChip Yeah, but have we tried doing it as hard as a woman does?

@pzmyers I don't think it's a matter of gender although it does seem to have something to do with intelligence. The more someone I know gossips, etc, the less intelligence they display overall, having nothing of themselves to talk about.


I hope someone forwards that to CPS because anybody who believes this shit might have a daughter and chao help them

@pzmyers I have no words for what I'm feeling in response to reading this....

@pzmyers best of luck to you. I can't wait to read about your findings in Nature.

@pzmyers this is why you just can't successfully satirize misogyny because it is naturally already in its most ridiculous form

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