@pzmyers This is generally what's wrong with social media. The problem is that there's very little social accountability for bad behavior.

I've been proposing a solution to this for many years now, but as far as I can tell none of the major social media players actually care about solving the problem (because it would cost them eyeballs) and even the open-source/fediverse coders don't seem particularly interested.

Working on it myself when I have time. :-/


Wonderful, thanks.

Got the links opened. Will do a little more with them now, but am on mobile so mostly in a click-or-short-reply mode.

@woozle Yeah, the problem is that social media are great at building communities, but it's not at all discriminating in what kinds of communities it builds.

@pzmyers I understand why the big media corps aren't interested; the profit motive will always put quantity over quality. revenue over value.

I think the reason open-source coders of federated social media platforms (not that there are a lot of these) also haven't been interested has to do with a combination of (a) not-invented-here mental habit and (b) lack of coding resources (hours) leading to a very tight triage situation.

If only Mastodon supported plugins.

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