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Chopping up a bunch of fresh onions and peppers宇he sound of that crunch is so beautiful. My ears tell me it's going to be delicious.

Oh, man, "A Wrinkle in Time" was weightless, pointless, ethereal vomit translated into wavelengths of light. Gah. Rarely have I hated a movie so much.

He's loved by his conservative district! The Republicans in congress like him! He can win rural rednecks!

Jesus. I want someone who won't compromise democratic principles with motherfucking Republicans.

And isn't supported by the NRA.

I spent my morning at the county DFL convention. Tim Walz's representative did a very good job of convincing me that there is NO FUCKING WAY I'm voting for Walz.

I've sure been hearing a lot about how other species' behavior is supposed to be a justification for toxic masculinity. Maybe they need to look to some other examples.


I'm a 61 year old white man, and I'm here to tell you that NWA speaks the truth.


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