Also, I like playing with zebrafish and spiders.

I'm at a small liberal arts university where the teaching role is #1. But that does not imply that I think research is unimportant, or secondary to the institution's mission.

Perhaps you find Rhawn Joseph as silly as I do? Shall we laugh at his Martian stories?

Just discovered my university's streaming service has Spiderman:Into the Spiderverse.

See you all later.

Art Robinson? Is he still a thing? Total loon, and apparently he dragged his kids down with him.

I'm getting too old to stay up past my bedtime anymore.

OK, going to try & stay up until midnight, and then head out of town to see the Northern Lights. I give 50:50 odds that I'll pass out at my desk, instead.

You'd turn around and run the other way if you saw someone wearing this foolishness. Worse than a clown costume.

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