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Weird. If you say "idiot, an insensitive jerkwad, or someone who profits from their obtuseness", Jordan Peterson thinks you said his name 3 times.

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I suspect it's less science and more sympathetic magic -- onions are vaguely testicular, after all.


Q: What happens when a young-earther meets a flat-earther?
A: They are very deferential to each other. And they know nothing about biology.

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I am done for the day. I'm going to go home and cook a fabulous dinner, and you can't stop me.

I have to teach a class in a half hour (Hox genes today!), and then匈 am fleeing campus to recover from this week.

Is it OK if I spend my weekend slacking? Doing housework & normal human things for a while?

Who you gonna trust about vaginas? A woman gynecologist or an imaginary committee of 3.5 billion ignorant men?


Spider Party slogan: "We may be creepy, but not in that way!"

My electoral dilemma: should I vote for a man, like Al Franken, or a big Bag of Spiders?

I'm leaning spiderish, to be honest. Maybe we need a Spider Party.


I am appalled every time Katie Hopkins comes to my attention. Without fail.


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~Reporting on Mastodon~

Your Mastodon instance moderators are responsible for what happens both inside and outside the instance. If you see something on any timeline that sucks, you can report it.

What happens on other instances is our business because our willingness to federate with them depends on how they keep their own users in check. :)

You can use the 'report' option in the little menu to send a report that us admins can look at :).