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There is no excuse and no context to justify what those ratf*ckers were willing to say on Sacha Baron Cohen's show.


Talked about the cat, now it's time to mention the grandchild. Is this the formula for internet popularity?


It's gluten free! Like the cat would care.

I guess this is what the cat will get for dinner from now on. Note: previous testing had discovered that she spurned poultry & beef flavors, and will only eat seafood.

I scienced the cat. While I was away, I left her 3 big bowls of food: 1) cheap Meow Mix; 2) Rachel Ray's Delish premium cat food; 3) Beyond grain free food.

I came home to discover she'd eaten every bite of 3, had licked the bowl clean. Didn't even touch 1 and 2, although we'd known she'd eat them if she had no other choice.

I guess that settles that. I'd been kind of hoping she'd like the bargain food, but nooooo.

Sacha Baron Cohen is going to puncture a few stuffed shirts.

I'm just surprised that people don't instantly recognize Sacha Baron Cohen's schtick.


Tonight I get to take a redeye to Minneapolis that lands at 5:15 am. I am going to be so messed up for the next few days.

Dentists can read minds, and Republicans want to fill the ranks of the FBI with mindless zombies. Lessons from the Strzok show trial.


Wow. The Adnan Oktar/Harun Yahya Islamic creationism cult has just been stomped by the Turkish government.


Facebook is not serious about addressing fake news. Neither is Twitter.


Pharyngula would be a hostile, critical place for Elon Musk, so I'm going to declare that he didn't get any ideas from me.


Piers Morgan is like Donald Trump: a horrible human being who makes us wonder why we're looking at him every time he's on television.


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@pzmyers He was spouting dreck in a book review at the NYT just the other day --- a third-rate intellectual, selling a mixtape of quotations from better writers, and the epicenter of a proto-#MeToo. And nobody gives a damn.