Trevor Wishart's wonderful 1994 book Audible Design is available free from his website now! Complete with the appendix and sound examples. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

This is going to be a long thread on why certain folks on "the left" don't appear to understand what's really going on with Trump's withdrawal from Syria.

This may contain some content I already shared on Twitter, but that thread sucked so I fixed it here and added a lot more content.

As always please save your comments until the end, which I'll mark with /end.

I thought was everyone getting at least one tattoo during October lol

Curled up with a cat and Hegel in a cabin in the woods πŸ™€

Reading the Lana Del Rey criticism kerfuffle on birdsite is reinforcing my position that stanning will always destroy your brain.

"Dorian's clouds are, quite literally, throwing shade."
Fuck off, NPR.

Today the Amazon is burning, and y'all are rightfully upset about that.

But then please, PLEASE, maintain that anger when in 2-3 years, certain goods start to drop in price because of the agriculture set up on this cleared land. Everything from industrial lubricants to fad diets are going to be affected by this, and it's important our consumer decisions don't reward this exploitation.

Suicide, Epstein 

Suicide, Epstein 

Suicide, Epstein 

Well, I ended up going all the way through Lateralus. I'll probably listen to 10,000 Days tomorrow to finish it up, but my opinion is still basically that Tool is just boring.

Done with Undertow. That was pretty boring. I'm gonna play Γ†nima next, but I might just have to stop after that.

In honor of the upcoming Tool album, I decided I will give them another chance and listen to all four of their albums. I'm a few tracks into Undertow and my original opinion that they're just kinda boring hasn't changed much yet.

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