I love how the majority of programming jobs I'm finding are for the DoD. Glad to know you can't program for a living in DC without directly supporting empire.

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I just finished watching I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson on Netflix. They were really scraping the barrel by the last episode, which is too bad because there were a lot of fantastic sketches early on. I wish they had slimmed it down to a single 40-60 minute special.

Today, a kindergartner in my class asked if I played Fortnite when I was kid and was blown away when I told them it didn't exist then. It didn't even exist when YOU were born!

When you abandon historical analysis, you are left with seemingly eternal, immovable barriers. Racism, colonialism, and other interrelated forces of oppression are historical processes with a detectable beginning *and* an achievable ending.

It's like when people say white people have always been bad, and cite examples of European history from 2000 years ago, yet our modern notion of race (which centers around whiteness) didn't even exist then.

It's fine if you don't care about Notre Dame. It's also fine if you want to criticize how it was created, its continued existence, what it symbolizes, etc., but if you do, please be historical. I saw a few people on birdsite refer it as "a monument of colonialism." The church precedes French colonialism by literal centuries.

In my feelings rn. I was at Notre Dame in the early days, before it started to make waves in the city. I saw some real wild shit, bro. I'll never forget when PΓ©rotin first dropped this in his set and everyone went nuts πŸ˜”

Some guy saw me with my long red hair and approvingly yelled "Dave Mustaine!" I'd rather not have people yell famous long haired red heads at me, but at least it wasn't Carrot Top.

R.I.P. Nipsey Hussle. What a weird end to this day.

Sigur Rós Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Ágætis byrjun with Tax Evasion Investigation

R.I.P. Bernie Sanders and TourΓ©, both former guitarists for Ozzy Osbourne.

The Hands Off Venezuela march in DC went well. It's always inspiring seeing the diversity of people in anti-imperialist demonstrations.

I was doing some dumb riff on Daniel Day-Lewis when my sister pointed out that I was wearing Abraham Lincoln on My Left Foot.

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Based on right-wing critics of communism, a mode of production should be dismissed out if hand if one of these is true of any one State which claimed to be upholding it:

- it descended into authoritarianism

- it carried out a genocide of some kind

- a famine ever took place there

- it repressed individual liberty in any way

How, I wonder, would capitalism fare if the same standards were applied to its own evaluation?

I find it absurd when people accuse #SciHub of "stealing" from journal publishers. It is the publishers who are stealing, from the scholars who write, peer review and edit the journals without pay, from universities and their libraries who have to pay to so their researchers can publish papers *and* to get access to them, and from the public who fund all this, through public funding, tuition fees and so on.

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@drequivalent You're a nontechnical user. You download the RIOT app from Itunes or Google Play store. Enter your username and password. Done, you have an account. No need to know what a server is or how they work. You tell other people your username and they can find you, or you can search for them. Links to groups from mailinglists or websites just work. PMs work, and there's even encryption if you're paranoid.

That said, RIOT is far from perfect, and it still sucks compared to the corporate/evil mainstream apps. But, as I've said about 3 times now, we ran a side-by-side comparison a coupple years ago with all the non-corporate social media/chat apps and RIOT is the only one that wasn't too bewildering/frustrating/complicated/limited/flaky for our users (artists, producers, and DJs).

We in the open source community have a *serious* usability problem and it is creating a digital divide between those privileged enough to be technical, and those who are left to the evil corporate wolves.
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