Listening to Sufjan Stevens to get all soft and wistful before getting anxious and scream-y seeing Daughters live in a few hours.

sometimes, self care is Not β€œtreating yourself”

sometimes self care means saving your money or energy or time

don’t let capitalism fool you into thinking you have to buy things to feel better / that it’s the only way to care for yourself

Check out this sick Valentines box a kid brought in to school today.

Wow, this cat Coltrane really made 7 Rings his own.

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Idea: Pixedfed instance for women called

When I was kid, we played with Pogs πŸ˜ƒ
Now all the youth can think about it is PAWGs 😳
Pray for Gen Z πŸ˜”

People were out here, showing solidarity with Venezuela.

Police were watching us, which was scary. They knew what we were about when were just about a dozen people.

Every CVS is subscribed to this awful playlist of alt rock, MOR, and other random awful hits, but for some reason this CVS's playlist is almost entirely black 90's music, and like 70% slow jams, and it fucking rules. At one point, I was like "why does sound this familiar? Oh shit, someone covered Spandau Ballet's 'True' and made it sexy!"

#EarthStrike 's first global day of action is on January 15! Get in touch with your local Earth Strike campaign, let's get this bread!

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