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In the GNU Image Manipulation Program, do you know how to bucket fill based on the color of a lower layer? Details:

As promised, I checked back in on Nix a year after my blog post:

Last month someone got "hello world" to build! Maybe I should make time to take another run at it or guix.

New meme: whenever a broken site tells you to turn off your ad blocker, tell them security at work doesn't permit it.

Shout out to Joel Fagliano, whose mini crosswords have had great themes the last two weeks. Today's, with four of ten answers on-theme, was a gem:

When recaptcha requires eight puzzles I'm mad at Google. When it requires one or two I spend ten times as long checking over my browser privacy extensions.

Today at I mostly fought with Wordpress because a recent update destroyed the layout of my blog, got it mostly fixed. The new block editor is broken in some ungoogleable way and I suspect it'll be less work to migrate to Hakyll.

Today at the South Side I merged some PRs, failed to catch up on emali, and subscribed to And my carbeurated motorcycle was pretty unhappy about the fog.

git has a 'blame' command; github missed a trick naming the dashboard /notifications instead of /guilt

"Strong opinions weakly held" is bad opinions loudly held. Hold opinions in strict agreement with evidence, and be a lot less confident in both directions.

Really nice to visit the South Side Code and Coffee this morning - Lake Shore Drive was spectacular, good gossip with folks, reviewed a PR, fixed a bug, chatted with someone considering starting a sister site.

Anyone interested in a hosted copy of the codebase/support contract? Maybe a disaffected subreddit or company wanting an internal community? Testing waters here, see readme for more: (Boosts appreciated.)

Today at I added tests to an increasingly complex database view and reviewed a PR. Really pleasant morning.

Tomorrow is the Andersonville Code and Coffee, 7-9 AM. Set your alarm to tuck into bed tonight, dream of your project, then come tinker on it (or study!) with folks tomorrow morning:

adblocking "we noticed you're blocking ads" banners

I hope CyberDriveIllinois dot com is never renamed. It's a charming indicator of its time, like a coal chute hatch on the outside of a bungalow.

Been using yadm to share dotfiles between machines for six months now. It's very comfortable, a git repo and my existing config without having to move files around or symlink. No surprises so far.

Yay, my motorcycle started this year (last year was a bit of a project).

Consultant shower thought: given the increase in food delivery with stable identifiers (phone, address, CC#), how long before restaurants start A/B testing recipes? Eg. "Do we get more/sooner/larger reorders if we add a tablespoon of butter to this dish?"

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