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Brand guidelines always seem silly and mockable and then I remember my industry has an unresolved fifty-year-old argument over which invisible character we should indent with and I'm like "yeah, legit, shame you can't write a linter".

This evening at 6 US/Central (9 hours from this tweet) I'll stream Lobsters dev. PR/issue review and cleanup work from this weekend.

In the daydream where I'm a tech startup billionaire and float around on my 80 foot yacht I pull up to a tiny island country and buy their TLD so my email address could be peter@vi (whatever their two-letter code is) and I could be frothing mad every day at shitty email regexps.

Here's a sneak peek of some feature/UI changes I'll be rolling out with the downtime.

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Looks like the migration is going to take ~125 minutes and we're going to have the maintenance page up because I don't to break the migration up into multiple deploys. I'll run it early tomorrow morning (US/Central).

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It's very likely that I'll put Lobsters into read-only mode for an hour or two this weekend for a big db migration to memoize comment/story scores more efficently.

Tonight I merged 6 PRs, left feedback on some more, fixed a small bug, fixed the traffic icon by breaking it in the opposite direction... and then rotated the db password when the rails repl threw it up on stream (mariadb only listens to a local socket, but still, argh).

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I'm going to stream @Lobsters dev in an hour: Start with PRs, maybe get into a mod feature.

This one's especially bad on GMail's part: the spammer typo'd his From address in the spam tool and GMail sent it anyways.

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New week, new GMail spam.

(Given that this obviously violates CAN-SPAM and is sent in bad faith, I'm not clicking the unsub link to tell them this is a live email address).

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i came out here to zulip to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

Is there a way to deal effectively with linkbulding spam from GMail? Having a couple broad, old sites online, I get more and more of the "would you like an article/new link on <keyword>" with 2-4 follow-ups from tools that send through the GMail API.

My 13yo nephew is building his first PC and sent me his pcpartpicker build list. This is his nerd quinceañera, I'm tearing up.

For the last two years I've read Reddit like the Sunday paper. Leechblock it all but the one morning, folder of bookmarks to /top?t=week pages of specific subreddits, don't log in.

Today I started by explaining that I didn't want to take a big complicated dependency on a pagination gem, I'd do the small thing to fit our exact needs. Then I spent two hours finding every corner case to demonstrate why I should've taken a dep. Sure learned the value, tho.

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Live in an hour. Will have the chat room on-screen this time.

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I'm streaming Lobsters dev again today at 7 PM Central (9h from now). This week I'll be working on pagination, a perf + ux issue. Full announcement:

Accidentally declared email bankruptcy. Please re-email if you're waiting on a response to something.

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