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Welp, that was a process of repeatedly driving into a ditch of my own digging, but along the way showed off some infrastructure, broke prod, solved the race condition puzzle from last stream, finished a perf refactor tho unable to run or test it, and told a story about a dentist.

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And then occasionally the GNU/Attitude leaps from "harmless superiority complex" way up to "so let's define heresy and discuss how the wages of sin is death", which is less charming.

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For every project that has won big with the Real Ultimate Power of Lisp, there ten thousand dead of not realizing they were trying to implement a programming language and that they shouldn't.

Setting browser.urlbar.openViewOnFocus to false fixes it. plans to remove this setting in favor of a user-visible preference that may do about the same thing? I sure hope so.

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One month in, I hate the Firefox 75 change where focusing the location bar shows top-visited sites. A hundred times a day it shows off a buffet of my top 9 distracting sites (and weather). It's the "friend" who can't stop insisting everyone at a party needs a drink in their hand.

So I lost a bunch of time to mariadb using a different username than I specified, and I even found the bug for it. It's wontfixed because nobody could be confused by getting logged in as a different user than specified.

For the morning crew: Last night I did an impromptu stream of Rails dev on the Lobsters codebase. Merged a couple PRs, showed off my almost non-existent vim colorscheme and cursive font, ran random db queries.

That was fun - merged a couple PRs, tinkered with a refactor that turned into a total yak shave, and told some old-timey rambly dev stories. Thanks for tuning in, chatting, and overlooking the first-time stream setup hassles - we'll have to do this again soon.

As an experiment, I'm going to stream some Lobsters coding starting in about 10 minutes.

I assume at some point Telsa's lawyers will hook up Zapier so that every Musk tweet kicks out a PDF 8-K to the SEC saying

Be advised this shit happened:
This may have a material impact on Tesla's shareholders.

I'm still enjoying my tinkering with guix, but occasionally I'm slayed by the GNU/Attitude where they present a bizarre limitation as perfectly normal, why, even preferable and morally superior.

so when March 68, 2020 converges with September 9746, 1993 is that the singularity?

The new Slack design makes it painfully clear that I use text chat nothing like their in-house designers or whomever they're putting in UX studies. Especially all the mouse nonsense; median user must be quite new at computers.

I got to have a serious business conversation about what user retention can learn from WoW guilds so my day's going pretty good.

I get nice messages, mentions, and reviews on a daily basis from some free software I made a couple years ago and it always brightens my day. About 46K people use it daily.

Oh, I should mention, we recorded a couple a months ago, so current events don't come up when I evangelize working remotely or explain how I learned to invest from the Great Depression. Credit to Sean for being prescient.

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I was on Full Stack Panic, the podcast about having a long programming career. I told the story of the only time I've yelled in the workplace, how Rails was a cheat code, how consulting did not luckily land in my lap, and working part time.

I've listened to the other interviews at and uh, I see why Sean jumped at my use of the word "luck".

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