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Really feeling the changing of the seasons. Every day my macos work laptop goes into dark mode a minute or two earlier.

Hi, Dallas - I'm around for a couple days, if anyone would like to grab a bite. Maybe tomorrow morning at Ascension Coffee in the Design District?

Next step is 'git blame' to see how we introduced this recently. Right?

Nope. This code is untouched since 2012-06-16. It really never worked.

It just took 7.5 *years* for a website to delete a cookie rather than set one. That's 60k submitted stories before 1 removed a cookie!

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The exception came from deep in the common page-fetching code. In set_cookie:

if val.to_s == ""
@cookies[host][name] ? @cookies[host][name].delete : nil
@cookies[host][name] = val

Sites delete cookies by "setting" them to empty string, so the logic's right, but there's an obvious confusion in how to delete from a Ruby hash, should be .delete(:name). This indeed never worked.

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Lobsters fetches web pages for a couple reasons:
* to prefill the title field on new links as a convenience
* to cache story text for the search engine
* to check for rel=canonical links
* to auth github/twitter/keybase accounts
* to send webmentions back to blogs

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Interesting Lobsters exception in my inbox this morning: ArgumentError in `delete': wrong number of arguments.

What? We never get clever with *args, so how did this code ever work? Funny story about the rest of the web, actually...

Over on Barnacles, the site for bootstrappers: I closed signups, opened the invite queue, and caught up on 2.5y of code from Lobsters:

In Chrome, you now need to go to chrome://flags , search for "steady", and disable all three "experiments" to see the address of the page you're on in the address bar.

Nice analysis, to evaluate risk of dying during various sports/hobbies by active hours:

In Illinois we they don't call it the DMV they call it and I think that's beautiful.

Doing some financial modeling with a spreadsheet and it has a bug *somewhere*. Trace Precedents/Dependents is a huge help, but I think I'm about to start writing property-based tests to enforce double-entry bookkeeping.

I just remembered that in 1998 I incorporated my first business and my lawyer refused to name it "International Cocaine Smugglers, Inc." and not because it was an LLC.

15 years ago I made a small PHP CMS for a friend's mom's 35th high school reunion. Today at , well, they had their 50th, so I'm figuring out how I thought it was a good idea adding photo galleries should work.

Well, my laptop seems to have survived the glass of water I accidentally poured into it. Hi after a couple days of drying out.

Steam updated the library UI for the first time in 10ish years to add advertisements but not fix tiny fonts on hidpi displays. It already had two different ad notification systems, but I guess a third moves the numbers more than readability. :(

I don't love that this almost certainly works by keeping a copy of your credentials for every service, but I have wanted version control for every settings page for so long:

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