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15 years ago I made a small PHP CMS for a friend's mom's 35th high school reunion. Today at , well, they had their 50th, so I'm figuring out how I thought it was a good idea adding photo galleries should work.

Well, my laptop seems to have survived the glass of water I accidentally poured into it. Hi after a couple days of drying out.

Steam updated the library UI for the first time in 10ish years to add advertisements but not fix tiny fonts on hidpi displays. It already had two different ad notification systems, but I guess a third moves the numbers more than readability. :(

I don't love that this almost certainly works by keeping a copy of your credentials for every service, but I have wanted version control for every settings page for so long:

The north side Chicago Code and Coffee is tomorrow morning, 7-9 AM at Rewired Cafe, 1107 W Beryn Ave. Bring your project, have a coffee, chat with folks.

I used to reply to LinkedIn recruiters to ask for a salary range. I learned LI credits them half the message cost if you reply. Now I only reply to messages that include a range.

SMS is two-factor authentication: the password is one factor, something you know. The SMS is one factor, something every phone provider will give to anyone in the world if they ask politely.

I love how video call presentations have revived the 50s practice of having presenters calling out "next slide" every so often. Overhead projectors and computer projection had totally eliminated it, but now I hear it weekly and it's pure retro charm.

Really nice comment by dang on technical + scale factors in online communities:

I'm pretty used to computers screwing this up. The truly annoying thing was the TransUnion phone agent incorrectly instructing me in how my name is spelled. And, of course, I don't have the option to not deal with these libelous pricks.

Nice to see lawsuits - Hilton ripped me off at @MicroConf this year and was absolutely unrepentant when I caught it. As much as I love MC, it made me leery of returning. Scam me once...

My motorcycle ('81 Kawasaki) finally broke down, and I sold it on Craigslist rather than have A Project. Saw usual scams (check over the amount, get a vehicle report) but then all friendly people who understood the sale.

Code and Coffee tomorrow morning at Rewired Cafe Edgewater. Work on your side project, chat with other devs, drink a cup.

(Note: you don't have to "be passionate" or do this to work in programming. I happen to have endless curiosity for it and can indulge it. You do you.)

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This is basically my approach to programming. Prob ~1 book a month, ~3 talks/week, ~7 articles/day since 2001, then books only for the 10 prior years. No special aptitude, just lots of time and practice.

By popular acclaim, the north side Code and Coffee is moving to Rewired Cafe from now on. We'll be next to the Berwyn Red Line stop tomorrow morning starting at 7. Work on your side project, chat, do or don't drink coffee. :)

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