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Also he shows no sign of having talked to an HFT trader in the last 5y, or better understanding that "the market" is 11+ exchanges, not a single thing. Most of the runtime is him failing convince an 11yo and some undergrads that HFT is bad. Cut it, talk experts instead! Argh.

Michael Lewis's podcast Against the Rules has been really nice, but skip the last ep: it's Flash Boys with no new understanding from 5y of refutation. Really frustrating to listen to.

New sister site of Lobsters: is for discussing software development in Italian.

Shout out to on Freenode for awesome guides in their topic and helpful folks, even in the face of an infinite steam of people unknowingly pointing guns at their own feet and asking how to turn off the safety (bc that was me this morning).

I checked, but I could not combine the eyeroll and gritted-teeth emoji to properly capture my reaction to that error message.

JS w Flow: validation fails to notice a file's not attached because it checked file_input != undefined and null, but file_input was the empty string. K, added. So Flow complains file_input is a form element and not a string where do you get off comparing it to a string good sir?

"Boy I sure hope there's a tornado this weekend and then the following weekend it rains battery acid and the entire motorcycle season is three days long." Try some reverse psychology on this weather...

Even if the candidate accepts a "no negotiation" offer, the "room where it happens" is the candidate's inbox every day after they're hired.

Tech companies making their first offer their "last and best offer" don't seem to realize they're not skipping a bidding war, they're just ensuring they're not in the room when negotiation happens.

Four years ago I had to yakshave to install some MS fonts. I spent an extra hour sharing my solution ( and forgot all about it. Today I learned it's been useful to many people and the Ubuntu/Debian packages may start using them. What a delightful surprise!

It is creepy how good these "Compose like X starting from Y" clips are: They're not perfect, but they are like, "bright music student riffing"-level good.

How soon I'll see Avengers: Endgame is a balance between my desire to see how it turns out and my anti-desire to be in a packed theater with zero ushers to enforce basic etiquette.

When you're so busy providing tools to spammers to the point that you have to pre-emptively ignore abuse reports (instead of, say, fixing the product), yeah, you're a spammer.

It did, however, turn out to be last weekend and now I'm back on six slacks, with thanks to wee-slack. Send me invites to your cool kid secret clubhouse slacks (if you can add the wee-slack app or issue a scare-quotes "legacy token".)

Whoever designed the Zoom download flow clearly never tried walking an elderly relative needing tech support through it.

Chicagoans, I don't know why, but we missed celebrating the 10th birthday of Jones BBQ & Foot Massage last week:

Code and Coffee Andersonville is tomorrow, 7-9, at Chicago Grind (Broadway and Berwyn, a block from the red line). Bring your project or study materials.

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