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The pop dance music that my chain gym plays reminds me a lot of 90s tracker music I'd get from BBSs: all synth, repetitive samples, merciless structure.

I was saying all week that spring has sprung in Chicago and that I should get my motorcycle out this weekend... now it's snowing heavily, and we'll have a couple inches by the end of the day. Maybe next weekend.

I started lifting with the 5/3/1 program. has the best program planners (also explains Starting Strength better than the book, and Cube if you prefer). Not responsive, but clear and featureful.

Code and Coffee is now comfortably post-dawn for the summer. See you tomorrow? Bring your project or study materials.

Reading documents in web apps, I spend a lot of attention figuring out where to leave the mouse to minimize UI distractions like comment/share buttons appearing and disappearing.

Started 5/3/1 (BBB) with a million overhead presses followed by chin-ups, so if you never see me lift my hands above my shoulders again that's why. Low-five for lifting.

Listening to Code and Coffee folks chat about fun cases in their second languages, I want but for languages. They're good languages, Brent.

Snuck up on me because I was out of town last week, but Code and Coffee is officially post-dawn for the summer.

In the neighborhood of "bikeshedding", what's the term for long-term regularly tweaking/tinkering on a thing without ever making a substantial improvement?

Spoiler alert, not gonna be this weekend either.

Three times this week I got "You should join the [private group] Slack... wait, weren't you already on it?" and I realized I've been saying "eh next weekend I'll fix bitlbee" for a year since Slack turned off IRC.

A friend came over to dinner last night and I packed him a lunch from leftovers because he needs to eat. I am become the grandma.

Nothing makes me nerdrage like calling SMS multifactor/2fa, or requiring it to add U2F or anything else not trivially defeated.

A comic I can tell I'm going to link dozens of times over the next few years, like

If the support page is only a contact form (Aspiration) or hangs up on me because it's after 4 PM (Simple), they're out.

I'm interviewing for a new personal bank account by calling their customer service lines a few minutes past 6 PM. Whichever rings to a human in under five minutes wins.

Weird Chicago quirk: I live 10 miles from O'Hare and 20 from Midway... and am equitemporal by public transportation.

Segmenting after running an A/B test, customer development survey, or NPS seems increasingly popular. This practice is well-known in scientific literature, the term of art to look up is "p-hacking".

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