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An rare thing about this very nice mainstream article is that the developers profiled are not presented as alien weirdos, unable to relate to others or be understood:

(401k limits are based on calendar year, so I'm contributing as much as I can before the end of the year.)

Welp, got paid for my first three weeks of work. Made a cool $115.93.

Today in yak-shaving: moving my vim plugins from Pathogen to vim_plug to get set up with yadm so I can share dotfiles with my work computer. Fingers crossed.

Aside from the Blade Runner vibe of haze, facemasks, and impenetrable fashion, maybe the weirdest thing about San Francisco is the absence of the midwest "wup".

I was stuck in an elevator for a few minutes this morning. Enough time to get nervous, not enough time to get hungry.

I'm going to visit San Francisco next week and the week of 12/10, if anyone wants to catch up. Lunch is out, but a breakfast or dinner is open.

Another Code + Coffee morning that's going to be all reviewing and merging Lobsters PRs. Having so many contributions is great. Thanks, folks.

For the daytime crew: if you're interested in running a community of bootstrappers, Barnacles needs a new admin:

It's time for me to pass the torch on Barnacles, the social news and discussion site for bootstrappers I've been running:

Because it came up this morning: The Conversation is a masterpiece film that should be part of the nerd culture stdlib:

Its worth stocking oral rehydration salts in your first aid kits; dehydration can get serious quickly. Even if you don't, you can get most of the way there with this recipe:

I'm going to deadlift until I quit being annoyed by minutia today.

I took the pager apart again and cut a piece of gold-metallic colored paper from the craft store to fit in between the screen and display. Didn't need any tape or glue, it just holds together perfectly.

The results are great and no more shadow when you're looking at it from an angle. I did a bit more light sanding, and saw how it looked in the holster!

Movie screenshot included for reference.

#hackerspager #hacktheplanet

But the *real* value is now all this knowledge is available when you're making decisions and learning new things. You become smarter.

Corona Borealis, the northern crown. R Coronae Borealis is known as the Fade-Out Star. It occasionally fades and become very dim. It produces lots of carbon that surrounds it and blocks the light. Then the pressure builds and blasts away the soot and the cycle starts over.

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