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Corona Borealis, the northern crown. R Coronae Borealis is known as the Fade-Out Star. It occasionally fades and become very dim. It produces lots of carbon that surrounds it and blocks the light. Then the pressure builds and blasts away the soot and the cycle starts over.

This is a fun, friendly intro to spaced repetition. If you've spent a ton of time and effort learning something that's faded away in a few months/years - SR is how you maintain, and it's dead cheap:

(But skip the shoebox and go straight to Anki.)

I wrote some code in an interview a few days ago. This morning I woke up aware of a bug in it that neither the interviewer or I caught at the time. Thanks, brain, real productive use of your calories right there.

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In this series of interviews it's become clear that a handful of companies treat it as a business-critical process and build CI/CD to evaluate candidates in single-digit N business days. But then most couldn't draw the state machine if they had a whiteboard, an hour, and hints.

Hey, kinda last minute, but I'm going to be free in downtown San Francisco this Monday (10/22) if anyone wants to say hi, suggest touristy things, maybe impromptu Lobsters meetup? Message/dm/email me.

(I'm afk for a thing after sending this, not ignoring you.)

that minute where you wonder if a carbureted engine will start on a cold morning

A funny thing about exit intent popups is that they interrupt the moment I move the mouse to copy their link and share the page. And then I think, "well... I liked the article a second ago, but if I send it, will *I* look irritating, too?"

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

Does anyone have a way to report spammers sending via GMail's smtp? My searches only find help for gmail users, but I get an increasing amount from small-biz oriented spam tools like

I fixed a bug by adding `--magic` to a program shelling out and I feel like Lord Nikon should rollerblade in with some exposition of how cool that was. (command was sox)

The coffeshops I go to each week for Code and Coffee have a "10 punches and you get a free drink" card. I'd love to trade them in to set the Pandora station for an hour (subject to staff veto of course).

It turned out even UChicago's IRB didn't care that their researchers secretly experimented on me + other open source maintainers, so all I can do is snark about it in contrast to how friendly + productive MIT was:

A 2015 post of mine just sprouted a footnote: someone ran the numbers I'd hoped for on how college is a magical talisman.

If I were king of an OS: no update may restart any program in a user-visible way. The functionality for this must be exposed so that it can be used by and eventually required of all third-party code. (Yes, I'm aware this is "change what a process is" levels of invasive.)

Getting set up to stream some Rails coding of the site for my upcoming podcast. Just figured I'd try this out for the first time, will start in about five minutes:

Helping run down bugs in a language I wrote maybe 50 lines of code in during college 15 years ago:

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