I never feel older than when I find bugs in scrolling with arrow keys because everyone involved in developing a site used a touchpad or a touchscreen.

@sajith I'm not aware of it and can't guess at its future, no.

"It worked or it didn't, and it's one of the two, but you don't really care which, right?"

Never change, YouTube recommendations. (New incognito session for this.)

Periodic reminder that, outside of IL, nothing prevents stores from using facial recognition to track you everywhere and they expect this to be profitable: fastcompany.com/90302382/its-n

Looking forward to the Andersonville Code and Coffee tomorrow morning - I haven't been able to make it the last few weeks, and I'll be out of town the next couple. push.cx/code-and-coffee

One of the values of contributing to a 401k/403b is reducing taxable income. Boring, but the visceral version is: I started a job in Nov and will be taxed as if I'd made $4.24 per hour.

Setting a record for my annual task to add the new year's mail folder to mutt/sup. Usually I spend a week wondering why my inbox is so quiet.

Last night I set up Anki for my 11yo nephew because he's worried about his spelling bee. He's created 500 cards today and is perhaps already polishing the trophy in his mind.

there are some days the cats are really unsubtle about how much of their affection is food-oriented

An rare thing about this very nice mainstream article is that the developers profiled are not presented as alien weirdos, unable to relate to others or be understood: newyorker.com/magazine/2018/12

(401k limits are based on calendar year, so I'm contributing as much as I can before the end of the year.)

Welp, got paid for my first three weeks of work. Made a cool $115.93.

Today in yak-shaving: moving my vim plugins from Pathogen to vim_plug to get set up with yadm so I can share dotfiles with my work computer. Fingers crossed.

@rocx I've liked newsboat for years now, if you'd like a terminal-based reader.

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