A friend of mine heard a paleta cart during Chicago's lockdown... it's a trap!

Does anyone know where to find/buy hard historical data on US rents monthly at ZIP code level? I can find annual, or county/state, but not finer.

2001: BeOS -> Linux
05: brown window bars -> slate blue
08: ?? -> Inconsolata
13: Blackbox/fluxbox -> awesome
16: italics -> Operator Mono

18.5y of Linux on the desktop, one significant change (tiling wm), and I chose when. Every pixel is predictable, not distracting.

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Also, "once every four years" is about how often I can stand to change something I spend twenty hours a day looking at like terminal font or window decoration. I cannot comprehend the pace windows/macos users survive. How does it not drive you mad with distraction?

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Moved from rxvt-unicode (last release 4y ago) to alacritty and the font rendering is some tiny, ineffably bit different and it's left me feeling very slightly drunk.

Unexpected quarantine outcome: I've been cooking and eating well enough that my sweet tooth woke up and started yelling for chocolate and doritos.

I swear 25% of web dev is translating between user.id (model), users.id (db), user_id (db fk), user[id] (js data layer), userId (js model), UserId (type), USER_ID (constant), and .user-id (css). Mostly swear *at*.

Andersonville is tomorrow, 7-9 AM at Rewired, 1107 W. Berwyn. Make some time for your personal projects, make a friend. push.cx/code-and-coffee

Andersonville Code and Coffee is tomorrow from 7 to lunchish. Bring that project you never get to, have a cup, chat with folks. push.cx/code-and-coffee

30 years and 2 days ago, munnari.oz.au!csource!david posted a malformed header to usenet

guess how I know.. yeah, it broke my crummy program I wrote 9 years ago that had otherwise worked perfectly

@kyl I later ran a job at `-P 20` because I figured "well, it'll finish today and it's easier than thinking through all the corner cases in getting rate-limited" and it took <16 minutes: lobste.rs/s/utbyws/mitigating_

any time I `| xargs -P 0` I feel like I'm stomping a gas pedal to the floor; modern computers are lovely

Shoutout to Luke's meatless tuna sandwich. Never change, Chicago cuisine.

yo dawg I heard you like ads so I put an ad chatbot on an ad popup on an ad footer on an ad column so you can drive engagement metrics

As a 20-year professional, I'm running a long migration I had to hand-edit with vim on prod and I got a low battery warning. Finished with 13% to spare. No regerts.

I have missed a lot for holidays and work travel, but I'm at Code and Coffee tomorrow merging PRs, sipping tea, and griping about there being too few hours in the week tomorrow in Andersonville. Drop in! push.cx/code-and-coffee

Proposal: building code should require all bathrooms be Faraday cages to shorten wait lines.

I have been visiting Seattle for four days and fixed up seven computers/gadgets for family. Most are like "ah yeah, if I could spend a couple billion replacing a standard/legacy this nonsense problem wouldn't exist".

Has anyone seen a pattern of gmail bot account names that looks like [first name][first name][6 or 7 digits]@gmail.com?

These slides on software developer compensation is accurate: drive.google.com/file/d/19ne7c As is this comment: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2 Chicagoans: if you're OK with remote, this is significantly better than local.

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