Shoutout to Luke's meatless tuna sandwich. Never change, Chicago cuisine.

yo dawg I heard you like ads so I put an ad chatbot on an ad popup on an ad footer on an ad column so you can drive engagement metrics

Steam updated the library UI for the first time in 10ish years to add advertisements but not fix tiny fonts on hidpi displays. It already had two different ad notification systems, but I guess a third moves the numbers more than readability. :(

I'm pretty used to computers screwing this up. The truly annoying thing was the TransUnion phone agent incorrectly instructing me in how my name is spelled. And, of course, I don't have the option to not deal with these libelous pricks.

This is basically my approach to programming. Prob ~1 book a month, ~3 talks/week, ~7 articles/day since 2001, then books only for the 10 prior years. No special aptitude, just lots of time and practice.

Yay, my motorcycle started this year (last year was a bit of a project).

When you're so busy providing tools to spammers to the point that you have to pre-emptively ignore abuse reports (instead of, say, fixing the product), yeah, you're a spammer.

"It worked or it didn't, and it's one of the two, but you don't really care which, right?"

Never change, YouTube recommendations. (New incognito session for this.)

Weird new failure mode I've been seeing on sites. Best guess is that some of that creepy track-every-mouse-movement adware js got blocked.

I updated fonts while Firefox was running and a bunch of sites are like this. I'm not restarting because it's pretty great.

Bottling my first batch of instant pot wine for its 30 days of aging, which is fermented using grapes harvested from the Kirkland region. Wine tasting (formal dress mandatory) at my place next month.

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