Weird new failure mode I've been seeing on sites. Best guess is that some of that creepy track-every-mouse-movement adware js got blocked.

I updated fonts while Firefox was running and a bunch of sites are like this. I'm not restarting because it's pretty great.

Bottling my first batch of instant pot wine for its 30 days of aging, which is fermented using grapes harvested from the Kirkland region. Wine tasting (formal dress mandatory) at my place next month.

It's nominally about compilers, but think about this 250 words every time I think about projects.

I've mostly replaced my use of find with fd. I just guessed at an option and got a great error message that instantly taught me correct usage. Really nice experience:

I am totally delighted to see someone built a thing I daydreamed about building for the exact same reasons:

I was not prepared for the Gloomhaven FAQ to get into therapeutic hard truths. I'm going to take a break for self-reflection.

"My music is licensed to anyone without a lawyer."

Nix you have 1.25 GiB of RAM, get it together.

Does Uber have The Motherfucking D Elevator Wrap?

Who among us is the D, indeed? 6/

Does Uber have The D Door Sticker, The D Floormat, The D Placemat, The D Table Stand, and The D Toddler-friendly Mobile in every God-D meeting room? 5/

I have to wonder... does Uber have The D Coaster? 3/

My first attempt at a bacon waffle went nicely, and I think I see a few things to try to make it even better next time.

I admit it's yak shaving, but I'm really happy with recent vim tweaks like fugitive (for the diff in the left 2 windows) and low-key colors w italics (tweaked from jcs's w Operator Sans Mono):


Octodon is a nice general purpose instance. more