I guess my grocery store read the room - first thing in the door is champagne.

In 1980 GML defined a TITLE tag. Based on it,
in 1986 SGMLguix defined a TITLE tag. Based on it,
in 1991 HTML defined a TITLE tag. Based on it,
in 2020:

Everything in this story is incredible, but this section is especially notable as a sign that a journalist is doing some of the finest work possible in the face of complete institutional failure. ft.com/content/745e34a1-0ca7-4

I've been really enjoying @nayafia's Working in Public because it thoughtfully explores the complicated incentives and implicit tradeoffs in open source communities and then an example reached out and goosed me.

We have graduated from pandemic bread to pandemic bagels. A couple of them kinda have corners but overall big success, high fives all around.

Somewhere in Mountain View there's a asshole who got a spot bonus for PMing the programmer who realized this was possible.

GitHub, who do I bribe to replace the radio button I always skim over and thus get wrong with a button for each different action? (Use the matching color + icon from the Conversation view.)

Here's a sneak peek of some feature/UI changes I'll be rolling out with the downtime.

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New week, new GMail spam.

(Given that this obviously violates CAN-SPAM and is sent in bad faith, I'm not clicking the unsub link to tell them this is a live email address).

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i came out here to zulip to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

Weird pathology among authors of perf tools where they dump unusable microoptimization issues on open source projects. The highlight a few years ago was UChicago studying responses. Their ERB was weirdly fine with experimenting on maintainers with zero pre/post disclosure.

And then occasionally the GNU/Attitude leaps from "harmless superiority complex" way up to "so let's define heresy and discuss how the wages of sin is death", which is less charming.

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I'm still enjoying my tinkering with guix, but occasionally I'm slayed by the GNU/Attitude where they present a bizarre limitation as perfectly normal, why, even preferable and morally superior.

Almost two years ago I reported a bug to Nix: the manual's first "hello world" package wasn't even valid syntax. The bug is still open.

Tinkering with Guix. Exact same same first example, worked on the first try. That was nice.

A friend of mine heard a paleta cart during Chicago's lockdown... it's a trap!

Shoutout to Luke's meatless tuna sandwich. Never change, Chicago cuisine.

yo dawg I heard you like ads so I put an ad chatbot on an ad popup on an ad footer on an ad column so you can drive engagement metrics

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