@wesleyac Dumb Masto q: is there some kind of follower approval or instance-level blocking between us? I want to reply to your registrar toots but I only see them when I view your profile on, not when I see it through my masto interface. Super weird!

@pushcx I think that the behavior depends on how your instance is configured - some are set up to go back through people's profiles when you follow them and add posts to their copy of the database, some aren't - the UX around it is really bad :/

Maybe it'll show up in a bit, once has had time to go through and collect my old posts? I'm not sure how Mastodon is usually configured.

There's no blocking between us, I'm running a pretty default Pleroma instance.

@wesleyac Your new toots appear in my timeline, so I guess it just didn't backfill. Glad to see you.

Anyways. I wanted to mention I worked on the .pro registry back in the day - the business of being a registrar is very well-defined. You speak one protocol (EPP) to registries, then put whatever interface you want on top and work to keep LTV > CAC. Only hassle is signing w each registry + their policies, but you can resell service from established registrars instead/while starting.

@pushcx Thanks for the note - I've read most of the ICANN documentation at this point, and yeah it seems pretty well defined. Do you know how different contracts with different registries tend to be? I'm curious if most of them have a similar model to .com and .net where it's just a per domain-year registration fee and a transfer fee, or if many registries have a fixed fee to even be in the contract, etc - I haven't seen the actual text of any contracts other than the Verisign ones.
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