Periodic reminder that, outside of IL, nothing prevents stores from using facial recognition to track you everywhere and they expect this to be profitable:

@pushcx One has to wonder... how many tubs of ice cream would they need to sell in order for this to make economic sense? Don't they already have sales data? 🤔

What's the Illinois law that prevents tracking with facial recognition?

@pushcx Ah that is nice.

Do you keep track of Illinois Digital Fair Repair Act (HB3030)? Do you think it will be voted to law?

It seem to be one of the Good Bills, but industry representatives oppose it, so I am curious to see where this will go.

@sajith I'm not aware of it and can't guess at its future, no.

@pushcx Hasn't some billboard/outdoor advertisement company been doing this for years already? I forget the name but it was on lobsters a while ago...

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