Slack closed the IRC gateway and most of the Slacks I was in are at the free limit for apps or don't permit adding apps. Really frustrating to have been kicked out.

And Twitter's turning off some client APIs in August, so that account probably has three months to live.


I'm going to be really sad in a couple years when Google turns off email.

@pushcx I think they won't. Too many things rely on email, compared to IRC and twitter.

@phil I hope not, but I do expect it. I think it'll take the form of them introducing some kind of "trusted sender" anti-spam program that eventually becomes mandatory.

@pushcx Also IMO twitter and slack will die soon, because of e.g. mastodon and matrix, which are just... better

@pushcx Don't be sad. Start moving to a non-evil email provider now...

@liw My personal email has never been on Google, but >90% of people I talk to are. Google owns email.

@pushcx Oh, I see what you man.I've much fewer contacts who use gmail.

Luckily, email is fundamentally federated and it's fairly easy to move to another provider. Even easier if one controls one's own domain, so that the address remains the same.

@pushcx That said, Google has done and is doing so many bad things to email that I'm tempted to just block any email that comes from gmail on my personal server.

@liw My point is that email is so centralized on Google now that the benefits of federation are lost. If they say "because of spam, you have to use gmail or sign up for our trusted sender program", every business has to sign up, they can't afford not to. And individuals get to pick if they want to burn down every relationship. It's a shitty "choice".

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