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a few days ago i changed the hostname on an Ubuntu system to the emoji 💅. just restarted systemd-networkd to see if it will try to get a DHCP lease.

it doesn't have addresses anymore. i ended up connecting via iKVM before realizing the system is accessible via IPv6 LL at least! here's how the console looks

"Premium mediocre" is not a clever insight, it means "lower/middle class with pretensions to upper class". It's a modern take on "nouveau riche" from the perspective of the petite bourgouise.

Some days I feel like aliasing 'gerp' to 'grep' is one of the most productive things I've ever done.

"My music is licensed to anyone without a lawyer."

A few minutes ago a colleague asked for Lobsters activity stats. I gisted the queries and answers: I was floored by the last stat, 66% of users have been active in the last 30d.

@pushcx Five attempts to contact them got 1 error and 4 bot autoreplies. Partitioning and installing grub only took 4 tries.

@pushcx OK, bootstrapped a NixOS install and starting to learn to configure it. So far still easier than contacting DigitalOcean about their billing bugs.

Nix you have 1.25 GiB of RAM, get it together.

I know companies model support as a loss to be minimized, but it's especially frustrating in billing. @DigitalOcean has made it easier for me to move to a new host (and learn NisOS along the way) than contact support about a billing bug.

Reminder to job candidates not to give a current or expected salary number first... a dev I know just got himself a 50% raise at his new job.

@pushcx Today you'll be making a human-sized bookshelf... and your largest piece of lumber is 2' square particleboard... and you have no saw. Good luck, contestants!

You know those cooking contest shows where they give them random ingredients and they have to make a meal? I want one of those where handymen have to do home improvement projects with miscellaneous lumber and random tools.

Bridge suffers from ludonarrative dissonance: everything in the game design points you to communicating hand contents with your partner; the rules forbid it.

New blog post on house rules for tabletop games, which is not-so-secretly a post about friendship and trust:

New Lobsters sister site for German-language computing, technology, and science:

Going to be chewing on this one a long while, but this dichotomy of decouplers and contextualizers and a shift from former to latter as programming grows might help explain a lot of the cultural upheaval the last decade or so.

This sounds silly, but since it took me 20 years to internalize as a programming skill: use copy-and-paste all the time, or at least autocomplete. Do not retype things. Retyping is a constant source of preventable hassles and bugs, especially in the shell and dynlangs.

I'd like to see a Sliders reboot, but maybe that's nostalgia talking because the world feels like a mid-season-five filler episode.

p. sure the epitaph on my tombstone will not say "he was good at email"