any time I `| xargs -P 0` I feel like I'm stomping a gas pedal to the floor; modern computers are lovely

Shoutout to Luke's meatless tuna sandwich. Never change, Chicago cuisine.

yo dawg I heard you like ads so I put an ad chatbot on an ad popup on an ad footer on an ad column so you can drive engagement metrics

As a 20-year professional, I'm running a long migration I had to hand-edit with vim on prod and I got a low battery warning. Finished with 13% to spare. No regerts.

I have missed a lot for holidays and work travel, but I'm at Code and Coffee tomorrow merging PRs, sipping tea, and griping about there being too few hours in the week tomorrow in Andersonville. Drop in!

Proposal: building code should require all bathrooms be Faraday cages to shorten wait lines.

I have been visiting Seattle for four days and fixed up seven computers/gadgets for family. Most are like "ah yeah, if I could spend a couple billion replacing a standard/legacy this nonsense problem wouldn't exist".

Has anyone seen a pattern of gmail bot account names that looks like [first name][first name][6 or 7 digits]

These slides on software developer compensation is accurate: As is this comment: Chicagoans: if you're OK with remote, this is significantly better than local.

After ~7y using CtrlP in vim, I moved to fzf + rg. I bound same keystrokes so it's been a seamless experience except for, no joke, the distraction of how much faster fzf is.

The logical conclusion of the "calendar didn't start at 0" claim that today doesn't start a new decade is that we should also give back the 10 days lost when switching from Julian to Gregorian calendars and start the decade on Dec 22, 2020. (Orrrrrr maybe it's pedantic nonsense.)

@CobaltVelvet Maybe a bug, or something about a new instance? I've followed @wesleyac but even after a day, I see no tweets on their profile (do see their one direct reply).

One of the nicest things about the last 20 years has been the lack of a standard term for them so I haven't had to read any thinkpieces about what it means to live in the nineties etc etc

@wesleyac Dumb Masto q: is there some kind of follower approval or instance-level blocking between us? I want to reply to your registrar toots but I only see them when I view your profile on, not when I see it through my masto interface. Super weird!

If you're into murder mysteries (or at least don't roll your eyes at them), Knives Out is *excellent*, one of the best movies I've seen in years. Great everything: dialogue, sets, cast, pacing. Really fun.

On mumble I'm listening in as alynpost and @355E3B work on the ansible playbook for Lobsters. Working remotely, I forgot how nice it is to overheard fellow professionals puzzling through some work.

Tomorrow is Andersonville, 7 AM until we wander off (lunchish). Weekly time to work on your side project or studies with friendly chats.

Weird way to start the day. A guy I banned from Lobsters two years ago for calling for race war (against Kansas, it was not the most coherent racism) shot two cops:

Because stubborn, I want to take another swing at packaging a Rails app in Nix again this weekend. Does anyone have advice or maybe even a worked example? (The ones I've found are incomplete/outdated.)

wtb github, but issues are in the repo for offline editing and I can directly edit PRs to my repo before merging

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