i came out here to zulip to have a good time and i'm honestly feeling so attacked right now

Is there a way to deal effectively with linkbulding spam from GMail? Having a couple broad, old sites online, I get more and more of the "would you like an article/new link on <keyword>" with 2-4 follow-ups from tools that send through the GMail API.

My 13yo nephew is building his first PC and sent me his pcpartpicker build list. This is his nerd quinceañera, I'm tearing up.

For the last two years I've read Reddit like the Sunday paper. Leechblock it all but the one morning, folder of bookmarks to /top?t=week pages of specific subreddits, don't log in.

Today I started by explaining that I didn't want to take a big complicated dependency on a pagination gem, I'd do the small thing to fit our exact needs. Then I spent two hours finding every corner case to demonstrate why I should've taken a dep. Sure learned the value, tho.

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Live in an hour. Will have the chat room on-screen this time.

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I'm streaming Lobsters dev again today at 7 PM Central (9h from now). This week I'll be working on pagination, a perf + ux issue. Full announcement: lobste.rs/s/wld4nj/streaming_l

Accidentally declared email bankruptcy. Please re-email if you're waiting on a response to something.

I would be 100x less mad at the asset pipeline if it broke exactly as often as it has for years but it never broke in prod without breaking in dev. Instead everything looks fine and then live deploys blow up.

This one went well: closed out that chart, wrote some tests, and worked through half of the backlogged PRs and some issues without once running into ruby version hassles. And I guess Twitch referred some people because I got an unusual number of questions about Roblox.

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On tonight's stream in an hour, I'm going to show where last week's charting ended up and then dig in on the thing I find harder in software dev than coding: writing. twitch.tv/pushcx

If Game of Thrones is the War of the Roses but grimdark plus dragons, someone someday soon will write the next War and Peace and it'll be based on a thousand-page forum thread.

Well, that went nicer since with all the Ruby versioning woes squared away. Dropped in a library for making svg graphs and hacked it into giving a useful context to the concept of being heavily flagged. It'll get a few tweaks and go live probably this week. Thanks for joining.

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As is becoming usual for Monday evenings, I'm going to stream some rails dev in an hour. Unsually, I have a plan: a new feature for problem users. twitch.tv/pushcx

The authors are weirdly convinced that littering useless unmaintainable hacks is valuable. And I guess UChicago doesn't consider software maintainers human - in any other situation they probably would've said "huh it's maybe bad to secretly test things on strangers".

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Weird pathology among authors of perf tools where they dump unusable microoptimization issues on open source projects. The highlight a few years ago was UChicago studying responses. Their ERB was weirdly fine with experimenting on maintainers with zero pre/post disclosure.

I reinstalled Invisible, Inc. after a year or so and was pleasantly surprised that Steam included the quality-of-life mods I'd previously installed. What a thoughtful feature!

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