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Today I didn't go to (motorcycle + high risk of rain), but I yak-shaved a fix for my ag integration into vim and knocked out some small Lobsters issues.

OK loud-ass jet from the Air and Water Show, maybe if you make a turn above the city you should do it higher than like nine feet. Some of us still have TV aerials.

Going down the rabbit-hole of moderating at scale - the complexity, the tradeoffs, the law, the human cost:

Today at I merged some great Lobsters PRs and made more Anki cards from

Seen in a PR comment and sums up my approach to PRs + commit messages: "Note to future archaeologists who will later discover my corpse here:"

Today at I merged a Lobsters PR, coded a just-in-time hint to reduce a mod chore (issue #523), and networked as I'm open for Rails (+ more) work:

My favorite genre of talk is "here's a neat thing I care about and want to share", and this talk on Lobsters is twice as great because it's about a neat thing I care about and want to share:

Starting the day seeing a new two-hour interview with David Sirlin, a favorite game designer, is like starting the day by finding a slice of chocolate cake. Seeing "Part 1" at the end of the title is like it coming with ice cream.

Wish I had spare cash (or an expense account) for this, it's an easy call for learning some deep, long-term skills from a master:

And already, one of the nice things is that I could kludge a script to sync entries from my shared couples calendar to block time on the appointment calendar, stripping private data from the service's view.

Platonic solids official ranking:
5. Octahedron: just ugh
4. Tetrahedron: chipper but unserious
3. Cube: no fuss, no muss, "the anchor"
2. Icosahedron: sophisticated yet cuddly, a jaunty friend
1. Dodecahedron: effortless blend of elegance and whimsy, winner

Found one! syncs to your own self-hosted caldav calendar. Young product, but the core features work well and the team is friendly.

Because I just got into it at ... periodic reminder that Destroy All Software is awesome. I improved as a programmer by studying it. See talks for intro:

The frustration is that a lot of them say they support caldav, but mean they allow your phone to sync and will keep all your data. Never that they save to your srever.

Does anyone have an online appointment booking software that saves to an existing caldav account? I've waded through four so far, none clearly admit they can't up-front.

Posted a small Lobsters feature request with a bribe attached:

Hyperlocal small-batch production from hand-picked ingredients.

And let me reveal the secret, traditional family recipe I'm following: