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My first attempt at a bacon waffle went nicely, and I think I see a few things to try to make it even better next time.

I admit it's yak shaving, but I'm really happy with recent vim tweaks like fugitive (for the diff in the left 2 windows) and low-key colors w italics (tweaked from jcs's w Operator Sans Mono):

Stunningly beautiful recursive subdivisions of regular hexagonal tiling. (From

Ruby regexp quirk, apparently undocumented: if you name a capture, you lose unnamed captures.

"ab".match(/(a)(b)/).captures => ["a", "b"]
"ab".match(/(a)(?<b>b)/).captures => ["b"]

Restarted my daily Anki study 11 days ago. Yesterday I did a big, 443 card review of all my overdue ASL cards. The next few days will be rough, but it's neat how much I remember. I'm adding cards for CS, probability, cog sci, and personal stuff.

Ruby nerd sniping attempt: with a MatchData, how would you remove a named capture? (Example swaps ; for . because autolinking)
"http://example;com:80/foo:80".match(/https?:\/\/([^\;]+\;)+[a-z]+(?<port>:\d+)?(\/|\z)/) -> ' <>