I would be 100x less mad at the asset pipeline if it broke exactly as often as it has for years but it never broke in prod without breaking in dev. Instead everything looks fine and then live deploys blow up.

This one went well: closed out that chart, wrote some tests, and worked through half of the backlogged PRs and some issues without once running into ruby version hassles. And I guess Twitch referred some people because I got an unusual number of questions about Roblox.

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On tonight's stream in an hour, I'm going to show where last week's charting ended up and then dig in on the thing I find harder in software dev than coding: writing. twitch.tv/pushcx

If Game of Thrones is the War of the Roses but grimdark plus dragons, someone someday soon will write the next War and Peace and it'll be based on a thousand-page forum thread.

Well, that went nicer since with all the Ruby versioning woes squared away. Dropped in a library for making svg graphs and hacked it into giving a useful context to the concept of being heavily flagged. It'll get a few tweaks and go live probably this week. Thanks for joining.

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As is becoming usual for Monday evenings, I'm going to stream some rails dev in an hour. Unsually, I have a plan: a new feature for problem users. twitch.tv/pushcx

The authors are weirdly convinced that littering useless unmaintainable hacks is valuable. And I guess UChicago doesn't consider software maintainers human - in any other situation they probably would've said "huh it's maybe bad to secretly test things on strangers".

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Weird pathology among authors of perf tools where they dump unusable microoptimization issues on open source projects. The highlight a few years ago was UChicago studying responses. Their ERB was weirdly fine with experimenting on maintainers with zero pre/post disclosure.

I reinstalled Invisible, Inc. after a year or so and was pleasantly surprised that Steam included the quality-of-life mods I'd previously installed. What a thoughtful feature!

In Super Mario Advance 2, if Mario has 999 lives and exits a level as Yoshi is swallowing a 1-Up Mushroom on the first frame the "1-Up" text appears (left), upon returning to the map screen, Mario will have "Y00" lives (right). This resets back to 999 when entering a level. t.co/mFBRLkRFM9

Maybe Thursday, 7 PM Central (GMT-5)? I'll try to get chat wired up for then.

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Welp, that was a process of repeatedly driving into a ditch of my own digging, but along the way showed off some infrastructure, broke prod, solved the race condition puzzle from last stream, finished a perf refactor tho unable to run or test it, and told a story about a dentist.

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And then occasionally the GNU/Attitude leaps from "harmless superiority complex" way up to "so let's define heresy and discuss how the wages of sin is death", which is less charming.

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For every project that has won big with the Real Ultimate Power of Lisp, there ten thousand dead of not realizing they were trying to implement a programming language and that they shouldn't.

Setting browser.urlbar.openViewOnFocus to false fixes it. bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug. plans to remove this setting in favor of a user-visible preference that may do about the same thing? I sure hope so.

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One month in, I hate the Firefox 75 change where focusing the location bar shows top-visited sites. A hundred times a day it shows off a buffet of my top 9 distracting sites (and weather). It's the "friend" who can't stop insisting everyone at a party needs a drink in their hand.

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