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puffyrox 🔛🔝 @puffyrox

Wow! I did not realize that "handoff" was not working on my iPhone until today.

After a couple of handoff "turn offs and turn ons" and a reboot of both iPhone and Apple Watch I can now handoff from the Watch to the iPhone (for apps that support it.)

This is so nice.

#apple #applewatch #iphone #handoff

I think the clock is off with regards to Two-Factor authentication and octodon.social. It takes me a few tries with the same authentication code to get logged in.

Has anyone else experienced that?

#octodon #2fa #octodon.social

Installed #TiddlyWiki to help keep track of information. Why is browser bookmark management so poor?


After a while now with #ratpoison wm #tmux #emacs (no x-window) I am happy. Full screen joy for concentrating on what needs to be done and simplicity of switching between what looks like just a terminal shell to a windowed application (like Firefox) is working very well for me.

#archlinux #justsaying

With the timing and all it almost seems like octodon.social was hit with the #wannacry malware. Say it ain't so!


I am planning on wiping my Arch Linux installation and doing it over. Arch, btrfs, full disk encryption (including swap so that hibernate to disk is also encrypted), ratpoison wm.

I mostly have this now except the wm is i3-gaps. I am using this as an excuse to clean the machine as opposed to just installing ratpoison.

Oh, I also remembered that I had installed a non-standard kernel, linux-ck, but would rather go back to the standard distribution one.

#archlinux #ratpoison #btrfs

Who, still, uses Swatch Internet Beats aside from me? @769.beats right now.

#internetbeats #swatch

Am I truly the only human being on this dumb planet that doesn't drink tea or coffee

That first sip of coffee on your lips. #ecstasy

Slowly working on another side gig to hopefully generate a little side cash. I've had a particular domain for years (possibly 10 now) and wonder if I missed the boat on making money in that category.

@willhopkins Could you flip your journal over. One end for personal and the other for business?

@Averly Confirm you have the two URL pieces. I will delete these toots once you do. Thanks.

@Averly Message me on Signal if you'd like.

@Averly I am not sure if this will work. Combine this URL and the piece I send you next. It's a one time link to my Signal number:


@jellydiver You must tell me more, please of course. An URL to a doc or man page would be fine.

@Averly Hello. Are you up? How are you doing?

Remember in the 90s, when teens were more tech savvy than adults, and everyone assumed that the savviest would just keep getting younger? Now it's 2017, and the people who were teens in the 90s are the most tech savvy generation and probably will be until they die.

Kids don't grow up with computers any more, they grow up with iPhones. If it's possible to learn to code on an iPhone, it's despite Apple's best efforts.

@Averly So, it's 11 hours later and I am just seeing your toot. Hey, want to talk? I have Signal. Don't jump.

@Averly Mistake. I see that is the "AF2." I am in search of a working original Hi-Matic rangefinder. Like this one: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minolta_