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puffyrox 🔛🔝 @puffyrox

hellbird is adding followed people's likes into the feed as though they are RTs hahahaha KILL IT NOW BURN IT DOWN

can people please stop being such know-alls?

Emacs Orgmode is awesome. Here is Carsten Dominik's Google Tech Talk:

#emacs #orgmode

I just released v0.4.1 of mastodon.el.

New HTML rendering should fix new line issues, tag references (full URL vs #emacs), and handle references (full URL vs @johnson).

All URLs can be visited ENTER, including tags and handles, assuming you can access some kind of browser from your Emacs.

The mastodon-version function is fixed and actually works now.

When you boost/favourite a toot, a message lets you know it was successful.


Best sound = baby sleeping breathing noises after a long day of having fun. #bestsoundsever

An oldie, "Night Crawler."


I didn't want to...but I'm really liking Spacemacs. I didn't want it to be a good solution, but it really is.

@willhopkins That's the second reference to Spacemacs I've seen on here. I think I'll need to read a review of what it adds over Emacs.

@puffyrox the spam that comes in the can? I've honestly never tried it and yet, every time I see it I always tell myself #okimcomingbackforyou