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I'm sorry, that's incorrect. The correct answer is "rancid shitplasters".

ME (human): Hello, little man.
HIM: (cat): Hi yes hi can you come with me please
HIM: Good good this way
ME: It's the door.
HIM: Yes look can you do the thing where the door is not doing that
ME: Do you want to go outside? Here, I'll open the door.
ME: Yes, I know, I've opened the door
HIM: no it's cold out there
ME: Yes, it's cold. Are you going
HIM: Nooooooo!
ME: OK, I'll shut the..
HIM: Nooooooo!
HIM: Make it not cold!
ME: *sigh*

@GinnyMcQueen FYI, minor typo on
"Continuing to engage in conversation with a user that has specifically has requested for said engagement with that user to cease and desist..."

There's one too many 'has'-s there.

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Hey my tooters of Kitty.Town! We're gonna close registration for a bit so I can take a break from computer screens.

If you or someone you know is wanting to register, you can always @ me or email and I'll hold a spot for ya.

Thank you!! 😸

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Helsinki! Interested in sound, live-coding and environments?

Creating soundscapes with live coding techniques

Learn about Soundscapes and live coding by immersing yourselves into writing little code snippets that will create an artificial soundscape. We will temporarily fill Temporary with the sounds of a desert, a rainy forest, or a twirling extraterrestrial city of ant-sized aliens.

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For those keeping track at home, this account is dedicated to:
β˜‘ the nonexistence of mountains
β˜‘ the international conspiracy to kill us all with juice
β˜‘ mid-90s sci fi tv shows, and why the suck
β˜‘ all the books @ink_slinger needs to read about the history of anarchism
β˜‘ ancient astronaut theories
β˜‘ the sick juche beats of North Korean pop

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again for the record: I'm not fully antagonizing Milan / because after a long discussion I believe he honestly understands his mistakes and wants to fix things. He deserves at least one chance to be better.

Now y'all have no reason to doubt me on this; if it gets out of control, I will do what's necessary to protect this community. And as usual, feel free to report anything useful.

Dear . I would really like the games in my queue to be in my queue because they share similar features with games I already own, play, or have in my wishlist.

'This game is in your discovery queue because it is popular' is a shit reason.

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Thank you for helping me move here and continuing to help me reach my followers again.

Y'all are kind.

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Support is not a compliment.





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@CobaltVelvet Hi. I'm an Octodon user. Thanks for your work in administering it. Please block the instance for actively defending harassment of women -- specifically the bahavior described here:

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Hey admins, this is where you have to make a decision now, on how to deal with other admins who are a danger to your own users.

Are your protecting your users, or playing politics to keep chummy with instances?

The rules that bind the fediverse or fostering the communities the fediverse is intended to create -

which one will be preserved and which one will break?

Which is it

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When there was a call out for people to chime in on what was needed in the community, I simply boosted and did not reply because I already felt bullied by the community and did not want to speak out where I did not feel welcome.

This is something that has to be examined.

And then tonight I see literally the most incendiary* work of i have ever been privileged to witness tonight. JOAN by The Rabble. Utterly fucking glorious.

*Yes, things are actually on fire. I'm exhilarated and energised.

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