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Chris 🍍 Wenn @prismatic7

Man's got cumquat cake in the oven. Dinner's gonna *rule*.

- I want 2FA
- I want good CPUs (at least as an option)
- I want real IPv6 support, not some improvised thing hacked into custom routers
- I want SSD *and* cheap slow disk storage available
- I want an isolated internal network available only to groups or my VMs
- I want the cheapest thing possible to be an IPv6-only 10€/year VM that can run weechat and nginx (and not as a marketing event, as a real sustainable product)

and IPv4 NAT *included* on IPv6-only VMs, Scaleway wtf are you thinking?

Also, PRIMITIVE CALCULATORS drop the hinge at Record Paradise in #Brunswick, #Melbourne tomorrow for #RSD2017, introducing special guest Clairy Brown. Get your head bent.

Dear aspiring free speech warriors on Mastodon:

if folks ask you to put politics discussions behind Content Warnings, think really hard before you argue that point with them.

There is literally no downside to putting such posts behind a CW.

Arguing that you shouldn't, or "where do you draw the line?", is arguing that you shouldn't have to do a thing that helps others with zero downside.

Don't be that asshole. This is Mastodon. Be better.

Hey @Tusky, how do I DM another user from the app?

not even midday and i'v fucking had it with the pay-my-bills job. fuckinell.

I have now seen over 7 hours of Daniel Kitson in this year's #micf. I've sort of had enough now.

#mastodome #lazyweb request: Komplete 11 Ultimate Y/N?

argh you fuckers

everything is too hard this morning

doing the thing. Ode To Man, The Blue Room, Perth. #theatre

@GinnyMcQueen Ursula Le Guin's 'The Dispossessed' made me an anarchist. It also made me realise 'Yeah, this will never work.'

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Mastodon feels like what social media should have always been. I can remember how cool it was to learn about other people and other cultures as a youngster listening to #shortwave radio. . .The "bird site" & "ad-book" were never like that. It was always a bunch of angry people posting pictures of angry things, arguing how awful everyone else is. No real exchange of culture & no real learning about others. I have enjoyed more here in a week than years on other social media. Well played, Mastodon!

Pornbot follows will be blocked. I mean, I like naked fun, but automated fuckpics for follows is creepy.

A radical suggestion: let's just get rid of follower counts

The other networks are built around skinner-boxing users into engagement, but there's no reason mastodon needs to be.

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