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Your timeline has been blessed by Gwen's bountiful face.

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Question: what is worse - teenage DJs or teenage psytrance DJs?

Played with these lads, Lime Lagoons, at The Eastern in Ballarat last night. Really tight, angular post-punk jangle.

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weight/body shame 

Things I Feel Weird Shouting At My Cat # 7635758735: "No! You don't like Pocky!"


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Kitty.Town is open for registration today! 😻


Before I go to sleep tonight, I would like to say a little prayer for the useless crew of fucking morons who spent their day today wasting my fucking time and making my life shitting miserable.

Dear Bog
Please ensure my enemies die in a fucking fire. By which I mean actually die. In an actual fire.
Blessed be.

One thing I miss from the early days of the Internet is the phenomenon of the 'Links Page', where the website owner would have a simple list of links to other pages and resources that they liked or were interested in.

I understand that the modern web is about 'communities' that look inward and support each other, but listing resources for users without inside community knowledge, or people who are learning about your community or culture.


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I mean actually, fuck.

Holy shit.

It's real.

And done.


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