1. "mastodon" is a piece of software that runs on a server. There's a lot of servers that run it & u can follow ppl on other servers.

2. When u follow someone from another server, your server receives their toots.

3. The federated TL is all public toots that the server receives, ie all of the toots from everyone that ppl on your server follow.

4. ERGO: if u want to see more toots in the fed TL, follow + get other ppl on your server to follow ppl from other servers!

If for some reason I loose access to whatever server hosts my Mastodon handle, I need to be able to point my name elsewhere

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Migrating my Mastodon handle should be as straightforward and decentralized as migrating my SMTP and MX records

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Last year was a *fantastic* experience, but at the same time I know I missed some equally great stuff. It doesn't help that I don't know a lot about a lot of the speakers/artists

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Moogfest full schedule came out today and I'm already feeling FOMO anxiety because of simultaneous events

Legion is the best show but I have no idea what is going on

How does this system handle unique usernames? It seems like a flaw in the system if other people can take unique-seeming usernames on other servers. Will this network be overrun with impersonators?

One plus to Mastodon being the subject of the day, I am reminded there is a new Mastodon record I need to listen to.

FYI those green checks are just emoji ❎:white_check_mark:

Does decentralization mean people on other instances can sign up with the same @ username? Can I move @potentato to another instance?

Went back to check out Ello. Apparently Ello is now Tumblr

On the other hand, this seems more fully-formed than Ello did when I signed up there.

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Pretty sure Mastodon is going to replace Twitter the same way Ello replaced Facebook, but wth I'll give it a shot anyway


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