I also read the whole February of posts from @jirka (probably, not sure if I mention the correct person) and it was a pleasure to read, his SGI, vintage PDP compatible calculator, browsers on crippled CPUs - all super interesting and I would like to know more. Much more.

Recap: 3 coffees (4, if I count the double shot Americano as 2), 1 green curry with rice and beef, 1 beer, 1 ink bottle (but you have to admit, it's magical)...

I know there is "man" for that, but I bought some nutshell books anyway:

I need to get to work on the morning because of some meeting. Maybe we'll get a raise. Or I'll get fired. It's one or another. Not sure which would make me happier, maybe I'll need a lick to move to a better place. If I won't update this, I got a raise.

I was sad, but I'm already less sad because how can someone with a smooth nib be sad? Right?

Or since whatever date I will be able to finish assembling that swedish puzzle.

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