My timeline is full of RMS so I'm assuming he did something shitty? Again? Interesting that on Twitter it's usually easy to find whatever the latest incident was, on Mastodon I can't find it. Presumably this is a "feature" of Masto indexing only hashtags for search.

@pilum oh ok I assumed it was that plus him immediately doing something shitty. Thanks. :)

@deafferret @pilum The real issues are: he hasn't changed; and the FSF was opaque about his rejoining, rather than being transparent.

People have said 'enough.'

And other people are whining because people are saying enough, because "but everything is fine nothing is wrong why are you complaining everything is just fine and ideal and nothing could ever be better, just drink our kool-aid"

And the first group is saying "no" and the second group is saying "it's free have some kool-aid" and ...

nothing is changing. at all.

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