Why is it that it's the one arguing for using standard protocols for communication that's beeing treated as the difficult one.

— "You just have to install app X, and we can talk together," they say.
— "But app X does not work on my system," I say. "Why can't we use a standard protocol, and then everybody can use the app the prefer. Why do we even have to specify what apps to use to talk? Why can't we just say: call me!"

A slight pause...
— "But we want to use app X."
— "So why don't you tell the vendor of app X to support the standard?" I retort.

They come back quickly: "No, you have to adapt! We're only following what the corporate overlords have told us. We are in line, you are the problem!"

#communication #standards #LockIn #HowComputersFailed

@harald "Eg bruker ikkje Messenger" får ofte folk til å gå i vranglås i eit par-tre sekund. Hysterisk morsomt til tider (i alle fall so lenge det er dei som har behov for å kontakte meg, og ikkje omvendt).😁

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@Pilum::🌞::^.+@.+$ Det er nettopp da man blir "den vanskelige."

"Hvorfor kan ikke bare du gjøre som alle andre?"
"Alltid skal du være så sær...."
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