if you look at the way terves articulate what they're trying to do, defending 'pure', 'natural' womanhood from 'gender ideology', it's word-for-word what regular-style fascists say they're trying to achieve. the only difference is the former claim to be feminist while the later repudiate it

Dear writer friends:

Writers can be hybrid. :flan_thumbs:​

Publishers *cannot.* :flan_executioner:​
"Hybrid publishers" are all scams. Every one of them.



i'm gonna beat my drum about this forever sorry but game engines do not make game dev easier for you unless you are a 300 person studio with an art pipeline. you Will have to learn how this shit works eventually. you can't avoid it. if you're doing a one week game jam it doesn't matter but if you are working on any kind of long term project the best gift you can give yourself is the confidence that you can learn how the technical shit works. don't listen to the hucksters

my brain on language 

I misread "stikkskader" ("stab wounds") as "strikkeskader" ("knitting wounds" ⁉️) and started to wonder what that'd look like.

It's that time of year again, when the mountains look like they're badly shopped onto the background.

"unskilled labor" is a lie invented by bosses. All labor requires skill. All workers have skill.

hahahah fuck the blockchain~

RT @Toadsanime@twitter.com

Steam has banned all games that utilise blockchain tech, NFTs, or cryptocurrencies from the platform:


πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/Toadsanime/status/

So please, don't give me this "the war about the word #hacker is lost" bullshit. It's not. We just keep surrendering and undermining our own position.

So, stop using the word "hacker" to mean "cybercriminal". Stop using the word "hack" to mean "breach" or "compromise".

There are better words.

Like "cybercriminal", "breach", "compromise".

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

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Me, watching @dankwraith shout out (to me) random names and various exclamations: ⁉️❓

cool fact: the original luddites didn’t oppose technology but rather the bosses using new tech to disenfranchise workers! the bosses then had the luddites murdered in the streets and their arguments were replaced with β€œtech bad πŸ€’β€ to prevent others from carrying on their challenge to industrial authorities

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