blm rebellions, pdx 

school to prison pipeline 

HEY, rubber bullets aren’t made out of rubber.

they are metal bullets coated with a thin layer of rubber. the cops obviously know this. they aren’t non lethal. they are not meant for close range.

they were invented as a way to break up riots by firing the bullet at the ground with the intent to bounce into people’s legs without much injury and are expected to produce contusions, abrasions, and hematomas in those cases but they can kill.

police that are shooting them point blank at people's heads are shooting to kill.

Zoom is not safe at the free tier, and will never be safe at the free tier.

"Free users for sure we don't want to give that because we also want to work together with FBI, with local law enforcement in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose," Yuan said on the call.

(Note: this is not the place to recommend alternatives or chastise Zoom users. Use your own space.)

police violence 

everything coming out of Minneapolis right now should show you that mutual aid is human nature and violent hatred is the result of a cruel and unjust system

An indigenous activist friend wrote this great piece on what white/non-bla(c)k Australians should be doing & thinking about in this time of focus on America, with links to the voices & causes to follow, support & donate to. Racism in Australia is not less bad than America, it’s just different.

liberal mayors across the US: our police forces are queering protecting and serving the community by tear gassing them

@dankwraith I think when you reach the point where your plan for securing public order is "victory" it is pretty difficult to maintain the pretense of being a public servant

If I was mayor I'd only let the cops have nerf guns and I'd suggest they try voting for less violent protesters.

if i were the cops i would maybe not shoot and beat journalists

liberal mayors' solution to people protesting police brutality? more police brutality!

Let's be sure of another thing Dr. King said:

"Social justice and progress are the absolute guarantors of riot prevention."

Anyone decrying the fire of a riot but doesn't give a damn about the quenching waters of justice is merely ignoring the suffering of their neighbours.

the LAPD is one of the most militarized police forces in the world and they were sent home with their tail between their legs and kept fleeing scenes in fear. that's pretty fucking amazing if you ask me

every single person of color i follow is complaining about how frustrated they are with racism cw requests so shut the fuck up about it please.

Today is Siegfried's birthday. He's 15! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

our stupid dipshit mayor proposed a budget earlier this month that would allocate 54% of the general fund to the PD. good idea dickhead.

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