Nordfjord dialect 

Meanings of the word "jaja":
* We have to leave now.
* That's enough!
* You're talking nonsense.
* Time to go to bed.
* Can we talk about something else?
* Too late to quit/back out now!
* I don't care.
* So what?
* Can't do anything about that.
* I'm bored.
* I give up.
* You may be right.
* Your behavior is inappropriate.


Why don't we have an event on an island nation where we bring in representatives from every country, have them compete in contests, expose them all to a deadly virus, and then send them home.

That's some real "Enter the Dragon" shit right there, but instead we call it "The Olympics".

The IOC is a corrupt travelling circus that should be shut down.

@Taweret Are Wotan's award-winning Explosive Fudgy Hats for sale anywhere?

having been in Houston since Sunday, I can say with some confidence that “Texas swagger” is actually just people having stiff legs from being in their cars over an hour at a time

you’re not a fucking cowboy, Steve, you’re developing deep vein thrombosis

22 july Utøya 

"Then I zone out. A veil covers what little I see, and all sound is dampened. As if I'm under water. Now I die, I'm thinking. I close my eyes. Might as well get it over with. Better that than taking a long time bleeding out." - Ylva Schwenke on her being shot four times at Utøya on 22 July 2011.

holy shit i decided to go off while i was streaming yesterday and explain sg2's lighting system and someone drew fanart of it

New features for the #sound effect #sequencer #LV2 plugin #BOops. Let's make #FOSS more powerful than commercial closed source #software.

Main branch:
Develop branch:

Navnene vi aldri må glemme: Liste over personer som døde i terrorangrepet i Norge 2011 – Wikipedia

Dette er en liste over drepte i terrorangrepene i Norge 2011. Totalt døde 77 mennesker i angrepene, derav åtte i bombeangrepet på regjeringskvartalet og 69 under massakren på Utøya. 33 av de omkomne var under 18 år.

#22juli #utøya #oslo

you know what's weird is in movies where someone is drinking tea and they leave the teabag in the mug while they're drinking because the director wants you to see the tag hanging out so you know it's tea

In January 2019 we filed complaints against eight streaming services for not responding properly to a simple access request. Exactly two and a half years later, the lack of GDPR compliance remains apparent: merely one of the eight complaints has been resolved. What happened to quick cross-border enforcement of the GDPR?
More here:

building an insane 10 millions lines of code compatibility layer that inherently degrades performance instead of just... teaching people how to build their games to run natively on linux is certainly a way you could sum up technology in 2021

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